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  1. n4e

    drivers for sale thread

    lol me 2. Free bump!
  2. Looking for a cheap AGP card, one that is better than a 9700pro and something that can be handled with a 350watts power supply. Would like to keep the price range under $80 shipped to the north (up here in Canada!). Please PM me offers, thanks!
  3. n4e

    Fs: Ocz 1gb Pc4000vx

    Very nice on the price.
  4. I never knew bout the * trick!, lol. Good job on the tutorial!
  5. n4e

    My 3000 Venice socket 939 Retail

    bump for a nice OC
  6. I think you have to post a price =
  7. n4e

    My 3000 Venice socket 939 Retail

    bump for a great stepping!
  8. It took me a few days, but I managed to finish the download! Thanks for the seeders. I'll probably watch the video tomorrow =D and let me know if anyone needs reseeds =)
  9. n4e

    i need some ram and v. cards

    this is also part of the selling forum, so dont wrry. also, you should edit your sign/title to WTB.
  10. Hmmm, going to download the video and take a peek at it. Thanks. Oh, and btw, shouldn't it be better to use some direct download sites such as yousendit, rapidshare, etc... for such small files?