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  1. Any idea if/when DFI will be releasing a Lanparty for the Core2Duo? I'm looking for 965/975 and ICHR7/ICHR8.
  2. You want one of these http://www.coolerguys.com/840556021698.html but you still won't get a 15C drop. I'm not sure what it sounds like, haven't hooked it up yet. I did try one of the 92mm Tornado's once though. Plugged it in by itself to hear it because everyone said they were loud. I thought it wasn't too bad, so I hooked it up - well when I turned the system back on and had to crank the volume up just to be able to hear what was coming from my speakers, it came back out pretty quick.
  3. http://aural-innovations.com/radio/radio.html
  4. Let me know what you think. I go there in 2 weeks for the USBC Championships.
  5. I don't think you'll find a sub-$300 camera that does all that. Here's one that got good reviews at a really good price: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16830120179 I've heard some good things about the Panasonic DMC-FZ30 as well, but it's out of your price range ($530). I wanted that one, but it was a little too much at the time - I ended up getting a Casio EX-Z120. My next camera will be a dSLR though, either the Canon Digital Rebel or one of the EOS (10D, 20D). Here's a few web sites to check out: http://www.dpreview.com/ http://www.steves-digicams.com/best_cameras.html
  6. Hi Tmod, did you get the pics of the Ultra-D I sent you and were they suitable? J
  7. If you're going to overclock, get the OCZ Platinum Revision 2 memory. The regular Platinum doesn't clock very high even with extremely relaxed settings. J
  8. Oops, sorry about that. I saw P180 or 7077 and thought the question was about those 2 cases. I have a PC Power & Cooling 510ASL that I love. The OCZ should work with the Ultra-D as well. I prefer hard-wired PSU over modular and was looking at the OCZ Powerstream before I settled on the PCP&C. J
  9. I'm using a PC-7077 with my Ultra-D. Lots of room inside - especially compared to the Antec Super Lanboy I moved from. Mine came with 120mm fan + 2 80mm exhaust in back. It had the EX-34 drive cage (four 3.5 from three 5.25" bays) with a 120mm intake blowing across the drives. There's a vent on the bottom (it comes with a filter and metal piece you can put over that). The top has holes in as well with an aluminum piece blocking it (connected with push pins).The hard drive cage has rubber washer type things (so do the fans). It came with a CD and floppy bezel. I removed the top piece and mounted a 120mm for exhaust. My temps are in the mid 30's. The only problem I had was hooking up the front 1394 ports, the cable isn't long enough to reach the motherboard connectors on the Ultra-D. Front USB was fine. I didn't hook up front audio connectors. I replaced the 120mm fan in the rear with a higher CFM one and mounted it below my PSU (you can change it to have PSU on top or bottom). The fans use push-pins, just get your fingernail under the outside and pull. J Edit: I took some pics, but they're too big to post. Here's the CD bezel and the floppy bezel . Mine didn't come with a window, not sure it you can buy a windowed side panel or not. Here's a side panel for 7x series cases. I'd email to check if it would fit before buying. I was thinking of buying a window kit and modding my side panel and throwing a couple of cold cathodes in mine (since I did some sleeving with UV) but haven't had the time or had more important things to spend money on (moving to new house).
  10. I was getting temps around 42C idle. I'm getting temps of 32-33C idle with the VC-RE. Some of that is probably from the cooler itself, but I think the major contributor was the TIM. I didn't try, but it wouldn't surprise me if removing the TIM from the stock chipset cooler and applying AS5 or ceramique or similar dropped temps 5 degrees or so. J
  11. If you go with Platinum, you want the revision 2 ones. I have the ones you linked to and they don't OC very well at all. They won't even come close to those G.Skill. J
  12. What's your ambient temps? It's possible that your room was cooler the first time you installed the heatsink than it is now. Did you clean off the cpu and heatsink each time you re-applied the AS5? Do you smoke or have the computer in an environment where there's dust - might need to clean the fan. If you added anything (ex. hard drive) you could've changed the amount of heat inside the case. You might have moved cables or something so that they now block some of your airflow. Your fan might be on its way out. Did you move your case from an open area to a more restricted one, like under a desk? None of those might apply to you, they're just things I've come across before that have affected my temperatures. J
  13. You put the filename in between the 2 img tags. Check on the size limit before attaching it though, I don't remember if it's a limit on file size or screen size (or possibly both).
  14. I just checked their site out - don't know how I missed this before, but that Ultra-X PC4400 looks awesome. From their site: This all in one product supports CAS 2 5-2-2 at PC3200 400MHz DDR and the extreme CAS 2.5 7-4-4 at PC4400 550MHz DDR! The Ultra-X achieves the most aggressive timing possible on the DDR memory ever! Moreover, random sample testing in GeIL labs shows these sticks are also capable of running with CAS 2.5 5-3-3 at PC4000 500MHz and CAS 2.5 7-4-4 at PC4400 550MHz I like those timings, I gotta find me some - hope it isn't too much above $300. J
  15. Maybe I'm misreading your post, but all I had to do was unscrew the bracket from the motherboard, screw in the bracket that came with the XP-90 and push the clips down. The only thing easier would be using the original bracket.
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