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  1. Thanks! I will refrain from buying ram now.. i might as well upgrade my whole setup. tell me, what is the craze about core 2 duo?? what happened to amd processors?? i thought they were faster... thanks guys!
  2. yeah I want more speed I will buy a newer kit if I have to.. I just don't know which one to look for... I do not overclock, so it's not a problem if it's not overcloackable. Thanks
  3. I currently have this on my system: G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 500 (PC 4000) I want to upgrade to 4gigs.. what is the best way to do it? Sell my current kit and buy a 4gb kit.. OR keep this one and add on? The system specs: DFI Ultra-D with Opteron 165 Dual core Please give me your recommendations, I need some quality/fast Ram! Thanks much guys!
  4. amazing work! you really got into every topic I wanted to know about... kudos to you! kudos to the the best AIO guide to an HTPC setup!!
  5. i have a thermalake 120mm stealth fan + panaflow 120mm ultra + 80mm size fans medium ( i have 10 of those)
  6. Nvidia eVGA 256-P2-N386-AX Geforce 6800GS - $150 >> SLIGHTLY used AMD Opteron 148 Venus 2.2GHz 1MB L2 Cache Socket 939 - $190 shipped >> NEW (i can also include an AMD heatsink for it, or an XP-120 + fan for $220 shipped) Antec LifeStyle SONATA II Piano Black with 450wat psus + fans - $70 + ship >> New NEC 3550A Black 16X DVD+R 8X DVD+RW 8X DVD+R Dual Layer burner - $35 shipped. >> NEW Leadtek TV2000XP RM PCI Tuner Card - $20 shipped. >> Slightly used I also have many 80mm or 120mm high quality fans! * Most of this stuff was suppose to be used for a second setup that i never acctually finished... this stuff has just been sitting in my drawer for about 5 months now. So everything is brand new or slightly used (for 3 days tops! lol) PM offers for anything you want. I have more items on the way .....
  7. I want to do an RMA... my Lanparty ultra-D board died about 5 months ago... but i could never get in touch with DFI ... is there a number i could call?? sorry if this is the wrong section, but i desperatly need to get through to DFI to take care of this Thanks guys!
  8. Well not really... there is another huge problem... my system has been running strong for a while, now i have 3 solid LEDs! it boots but no video! I tested my monitor with my other rig, and it worked fine... I removed my 7800gt and put it back into the PCI-e slot... then i tried 1 mem stick, keyboard and cleared CMOS (10min) and still no screen! any suggestions?? again, i get 3 SOLID LEDs, 4th blinks for like 2 seconds then goes away... and NO beeps on boot! I wonder if the heat just messed up my computer! any suggestions junkie? THANKS SO MUCH sorry for thread crapping.. lol
  9. (credit for images to mod sharp not sure if they're his but I give credit where it's due) -------------- The only 5v connector that looks like that (missing 2 pins) is the one that says "Fan ONLY" on my psus... i have a Antec ultra p550 (one of the recommended ones) Can sombody PLEASE get back to me on this, my rig boots but i see nothing on teh screen ( i tested the monitor but it works) so i am thinking it might be that molex connector that i don't have Again, if the molex connector looks like that, i only have the ones that have all pins .. the only ones taht have 2 missing pin are the FAN connectors. please help me !! THANKS!
  10. LOL nice april's fool .......... hahahahaha nice try ... and i dont think anyone has one lottery this month .. (the big one at least) NICE TRY!
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