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  1. Mine is nicer than the one on hack a day. Yeah I get much better reception.
  2. I acquired an Airespace MiniPCI 100mW Atheros a/b/g card at the 6th Hope last month and installed it in my laptop. As you all know, internal wireless antenna's are substandard at best so I also bought an an SMA Female connector w/ pigtail and a Linksys 7dBI high gain antenna. There was a hole in the side of my laptop with a plastic covering. This hole would typically be used for a TV input, but I didn't opt for the TV Tuner option when I orderd my laptop. I removed the plastic covering and secured the SMA connector with a couple washers and nuts. I ran the pigtail through the laptop's internals to the Atheros Card. The results are as follows:
  3. What? You don't like Pokemon My GF didn't get into it much at first. She thought it was all robots, graphic violence, and hentai. I had to find stuff that we could both enjoy together. She likes Love Hina and Chobits a lot. I guess because that stuff is less sci fi and more romance. She hasn't really spent much time watching Ah! My Goddess but she will eventually. She likes the music in the show.
  4. What is your favorite anime or what are you currently watching? Just finished watching Chobits, Angelic Layer, and Ah! My Goddess season 1. Currently started watching Ah! My Goddess season 2 which started in Japan last month. ^ ^
  5. Belkin 1500VA (Desktop) Belkin 1000VA (Laptop, Cable Modem, Router)
  6. Yeah I would rather they not put power connections for fans on the motherboard. I don't have any fans connected to the motherboard including the chipset fan. I have a 3 channel 2xHeaders/channel. One channel controls the intake fans, another channel controls the exhaust fans, and the last channel controls the CPU and Chipset fans. This lets me easily create either a positive or negative pressure inside the case. When I'm not gaming, I can turn the fans all the way down to reduce noise. There is also evidence that systems run more stable when fans are not drawing power from the mobo. Whether or not you RMA the board, you might want to try using a fan controller.
  7. Home Owner's or Renter's insurance will cover the cost of the laptop as the insurance typically covers everything in your home, on your person, inside your car, or in a hotel room. Down side is that there will be a deductable. If he is short on cash, that could hurt. I hope he didn't lose anything important, but you have to be careful about identity theft. As a precaution, he should call his bank and notify anyone else he can think of. I had my computer stolen once and I thought my world was over. It was the very first computer I ever built and it was much less expensive and better than anything you could buy retail. I told the insurance company that I built the computer myself and didn't have receipts for each component. They asked me to provide them a list component and their prices. I made a list of all the components and had a local computer shop quote me a price for the whole setup. I faxed the quote to the insurance company. A couple weeks later, I got a check in the mail. Of course I knew I could build it much cheaper than what the computer shop quoted me, so with the money I got, I was able to build a better computer than the one that was stolen.
  8. Optical Drive Floppy Drive Scanner Printer VR Goggles USB Flash Media DV Camera The list goes on and on. You can get expansion cards with ports to interfeace with the devices but the devices themselves are not expansion cards.
  9. I use the X2 Drivers but I'm not sure if it is benefitting anything. My system works perfectly so I'm not going to change it by not using them.
  10. Daily Bump. Adding more stuff for sale and pics sometime this weekend.
  11. Microsoft is pushing people towards Macs. Not really, but I would move to a Mac platform if they marketed a system even remotely as powerfull has my current desktop for a competitive price. It is a flavor of Unix and I love my Unix systems.
  12. Yes of course it makes perfect sense. In an alternate quantum reality, the computer program is actually running. Maybe I've been watching too much SG1
  13. I had a fully restored 78 Datsun 280Z. I sold that in 97 and bought a 1997 Formula Firebird V8 and had a Lingenfelter Stage 1 upgrade kit installed. Amazingly I never got a ticket or even pulled over for that matter. In 2001, I sold the Firebird and purchased a 2001 Explorer XLS. Thinking about selling the Explorer this spring and buying something new. Not sure what yet.
  14. TGM's computer pics always get me hot and bothered for some reason
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