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  1. Ahhhh. So not only are they not the same, but neither one of them is actually the right size. It's just easier to fudge the RE into place. Gotcha. Glad you liked the "yeah baby" line. Angry could make a good living doing voice overs for porn. He's got the voice for it. Not to mention the appropriate music collection, apparenlty
  2. Well, I made the same mistake you did. Based on claims from some posters here and other places (not you, Angry) I was under the apparently incorrect impression that the RE and the RF are the same fan, just packaged differently (RF including RAM sinks). Since I don't have an RE to compare my RF to I still can't say they are not the same. What I CAN say for sure though, is that the post holes on the RF are NOT the same distance apart as the ones on the Ultra-D mobo, or the stock fan. The holes on the RF are slightly farther apart, and when I say slightly, I mean slightly...like maybe by half the diameter of one hole. So I wound up drilling another hole that overlapped the original hole by about 50% on one hole only, and everything was peachy. Other than that the fan fits the space on the motherboard perfectly and does not hit the edge of my video card, even though it is a hair taller than the stock fan. As far as performance goes, it blows the stock fan completely out of the water. To maintain 54c my old fan would have to run between 3000 and 4000. This fan is keeping me at 47c at less than 1800. And the only reason it's running that fast is that I had to bump up the minimum % speed in SpeedFan because it kept shutting the fan off using the old settings! As far as your video goes Angry, it showed me what I need to know, which is all it really needed to do when all is said and done. I did however fully except the music to transition to the old "chic a bow wow" at any moment followed by you saying something like "yeah baby, you want more of my thermal interface compound, don't you?" I did diverge from you instructions at one point however. I replaced the twist tie on the fan wires with a zip tie. The twist tie has a metal wire running through the middle and the way my luck runs, the exposed ends would line up just right and smoke my mobo
  3. That's what my stock chipset fan now sounds like now...a chain saw. Started about a week ago. Mobo is only 8 months old Have a VC-RF on the way (newegg doesn't stock the VC-RE) Not too bummed about the fan dying. Minor expense to fix. What bums me out is having to tear the box to parade rest and pull the mobo off the tray to replace it. (sigh)
  4. Hate to say it but it might be time to start swappping hw out. See if you can get someone to let you borrow a video card and a stick or two of ram. Looks like you have pretty much covered the software/settings angle on this already.
  5. You said you reformatted, but did you check for this issue immediatly after the reformat, with only the base minimum drivers, etc installed, or did you load everyting and then try it? I keep a pristine copy of XP SP2 on an old 32 gig drive for just this reason. If I have a strange issue, I disconnect my main HDD and plug in this old one and see if I can dup it. That way I can experiment/isolate on a clean install without totally hosing my main drive over and over. Steve
  6. Angry, Why did the friggin fuser assembly on our friggin $1,500 HP LaserJet 4250tn fail 3 friggin weeks after the friggin 1 year warrenty expired? And why is a new friggin fuser friggin $304? I have the old friggin one in my friggin hand at the moment and it does not look like 304 friggin dollars. Friggit.
  7. If it's a DFI board, then you might want to read the link in my sig.
  8. Also, Sysinternal's Process Explorer is a great tool for troubleshooting process issues.
  9. I spent an entire weekend fixing a friends notebook that was doing basicly the same thing. Turned out to be a rootkit. No AV or Antispware app I tried could detect it. Finally found F-Secure Blacklight, which did detect it. Good luck.
  10. Be careful with the egg. They have recently made some major changes to thier shipping offerings and the rates have gone up significantly. In some cases, enough to negate any savings from shopping there.
  11. AG, I am guessing you are a twenty-something. When I was a twenty-something, I felt the exact same way, as I'm sure many of the "no longer twenty-somethings" here did. I'm here to tell you, you aren't done changing. I am now 44, and the single biggest regret I have in my life is that I never had children. Fortunately, my wife has three from a prior marriage, but they are all pretty much grown. (Youngest is 15). I will go to my grave never having known what is is really like to be a parent. Never say "never". Steve
  12. How can any self respecting geek not know the answer to this one? The answer, of course, is 42.
  13. Why do you have a picture of Geddy Lee in hockey garb as your avatar? :cool:
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