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  1. Angry... Is # 21 from the Lake County area? He looks like the brother of a girl I went to high school with here in Tavares. Just wondering... UD, you look much younger in the pic with your dad than the one ollying... Enjoy both while you can... looking young and ollying. :cool: I skated for 6 or so years... 10 or so years ago. Now I get scared when I see a board. Gravity and I don't get along too well.
  2. Pink Floyd "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" I get to watch it too... The exposure on that is too long, so it doesn't actually "look" like that but... I got a cheap camera.
  3. Thanks man... that was... disturbing. Interesting, but disturbing. I'm not sure what I would freak me out first, the big guy on my chest with the 45, or Oprah whispering in my ear. :confused:
  4. Damn... knew I should have gotten that block...
  5. Thanks y'all! I'm testing the 0615DPMW at 334x9, 1.5*104.somthing at the moment. It SPrimed for 30 minutes while I downloaded Orthos and 3d01. 3D01 rebooted on me at 1.5*102.%. I did a stock SPrime for 8 hours lastnight just to be sure all was well with the board and chip. I also did 3 hours at 300x9 at 1.4 but accidently unplugged the computer when I thought I was unplugging somehting else. Well, made it through 3D01. :angel: Time to try Orthos again until 3D06 finishes downloading.
  6. I have 2 opty 165 CCBBEs, one is a 0616XPMW and the other is a 0615DPMW. I want to keep the better clocker but don't have the time to test both of them. I was wondering if those who have one of these, or both, would post their feeling on the stepping. I know they should be fairly close, but just wanted some community input. :cool:
  7. Venus and 165 arrived! 300x9 on stock volts at the moment. Booted with no problem 334x9 1.4x104.something... Won't dual SPi. It's bedtime though. Thanks Rob!
  8. I got a Big Typhoon, not sure if it has a fan, you can have it for shipping. It needs a good lap job though.
  9. I might be interested in the RAM... You got any references? Heat, eBay? :confused: Maybe a few pics. How much for shipping?
  10. That's a nice set up there... The true dark side huh? I may have a couple of audio people who are interested. They may perfer to spend the fees for PayPal protection though. It is not listed but I'll ask... any monitor?
  11. If I had the extra flow I'd jump on this... You're not looking for any trades are you? I have a few things I have been thinking of getting rid of since I don't use them but havn't found the motivation to list them.
  12. My HZs are DDR1... The ones pending to you are the same... 3-4-4-8... DDR 2 can't get timings like that.
  13. I have an ABIT KT7A RAID with an XP1700 in it and also... An ABIT KV8-Pro 3rd eye, board only, it also has cork tabe on it. It was in a chilled water cooling loop. Both are moth balled, PM if you are interested in either...
  14. I got a FX55... It is the bigger core though, 1.3nm... :confused: caa2c, scalpled also.
  15. That's what came to my mind when I saw this thread... That was a weird song.
  16. You may want to change how you list you email eddress... :spam: :spam: :spam: :spam: :spam: :spam: :spam:
  17. I have been watching for a while to see it one popped up... I have a 175 that I took the lid off of, but no 185...
  18. That's gonna go over like a fart in church... If I could get my SLi-DR to run 4 gigs right I'd get em in a heartbeat but it overvolts em for some reason... :confused:
  19. That sounds like a nice toaster there...
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