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  1. Nice bikes! Especially snowpro's... that looks like a beast. I'll have to check that site out, even bookmark it to show some of my less safe friends. You'll never see me on a bike without a helmet unless I am moving it around to a better spot in the yard or parking lot, and then only powerwalking it... And I had to get a "girls" bike, I am too short for anything else. I'm also really inexperienced, so the smaller the better at the moment. Uncledavid... you poor child... :eek2: That looks not only unsafe, but REALLY uncomfortable... no mater what you say. I forgot somethin... I have 7 tattoos, all before I even thougt about getting a bike. and to Raider... I can't seem to get thumbnails off of likewhoa's site... I did sign up though.
  2. I'm all for more security. I don't mind proving I am honest. Those who do have a problem, may not be all that honest.
  3. I figured I'd ask since I got one today. I'm trying to minimize my "carbon foot print" as much as possible. A hybrid just didn't fit into the budget. I took my riders class last week, endorsement on Friday and shopping today... I'm not a very good shopper though. I I did go to two dealerships though. :cool: It is a "girl's" bike, but I have a girlish figure... I really don't like red, but the first dealership wouldn't let me test drive one... and they took $500 off so I can paint it different later. I also have the driving light kit and a LED blinking break light kit coming so I can beed seem better. I'm still a lil nervous but that's what will keep me alive. That and watching for people who don't see me. I felt pretty good after the 30+ mile trip home and another 20 or so in town. I didn't really want to get a bike but dont see another way to be enviormently friendly and have a job 30 miles away. It is another bug though... once your bit... :cool: It is only aircooled though.:shake: Anyone else here hooked also?
  4. One of These Days, Pink Floyd I found it looks better for the camera if I pause the song and take a picture...
  5. You might want to take up a new hobby... or actually read the OC Guide.
  6. Just wanted to show off my newest h2o addition. I just got a 3x120mm radiator and went from 3/8in tubing to 1/2in. Dropped my loaded temp from 62C to 51C!!! But it was a classy lady to install... Moving the radistor outside cleared up a lot of space inside though. :nod: I can never seem to get a "t" to work well. I had no room for my res with the rad on top, tubing issues... I had to fill everything up and hook it up quick like so not to sill anything. It is done now and I can go for 3G much easier. I'd have it already if the power hadn't gone out as I was sleeping last night. :mad: This new rad works wonders though... I just need to get 3 more fans for it.
  7. Sasha "Ibiza (GLobal Underground)" full CD just before, Orbital "Perfect Sunrise" and Tswer Beta "Marl1 (You'll Never Guess mix)"
  8. Hey man, throw some pics of that mach1 up. I bet it is a piece of art...
  9. Congrats! Are you going to have a BIG wedding and invite everyone from here... :tooth: Insurance can be a good thing.
  10. (6) You must Post a PRICE unless the item is purely FT. (trading for cash still means FS) For others, you have any heat or ebay? Pics?
  11. robnyc... how much voltage are ya givin the HZs? All 4 of my sticks prefer less than 2.6 or they crash... :confused: I keep mine around 2.55 or so but I try to keep em around the stock 250 mark...
  12. Working... What does summer mean? Praying for rain. We need a lot in Florida, maybe a hurricane or 3... Building a laser projector and getting it legal so I can make some $ off of it. O, building a new rig FOR the laser projector.
  13. (6) You must Post a PRICE unless the item is purely FT. (trading for cash still means FS)
  14. Bump... Opty arrived today!!! Thanks man!
  15. Did I miss the radiator? :confused: edit... DOH! Guess I need to check my email rather than my PMs...
  16. Hey everyone. I have been playing with lasers instead of playing with computers lately, but I got a pretty good deal on a Venus and a 165 CCBBE, so I wanted to get a 3G dually entry. It'll do 2001, and 2003, 05 and 06 won't install, I think I need SP2 and haven't downloaded it yet. I ran Orthos today and it errored 6 hours and 47 minutes into it... I was running it at 1.5*104... 2xHTT, 334X9, 133 divider (214MHz) so it is just the cpu I'm testing. I jumped the voltage to 1.5*107 and an trying again so I don't have all the settings in front of me. My temps are just a lil higher than I'd like, core temp shows 61 to 63 on each, SG shows 56 with a +10 for the Venus temp... variable. Any suggestions or do you think the volatage bump might do it? I thought for sure when I went to the store at 5 hours and 45 minutes it'd be done when I got home... :sad:
  17. A couple of things... Are those items for sale, or for trade? If they are for sale, you need to list a price, per the rules, and I'd like to know how much for the RAM. Any pictures of the items? CPU Steppings? What clocked where, with what, and how were the timings? Do you have an references? Heat or eBay feedback?
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