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  1. I was gonna say drop it out a 10 storey window and see... It either will or won't...
  2. Dude... Those are nice! What do you use to render with, program wise? I want a Venus toaster with lasers in the back ground now... :drool: There is a way to use a 3D Studio Max file to make a laser fram with my laser show software... I don't think I have the plug in though...
  3. I prefer Paypal and would prefer a confirmed address, but as Paypal has unconfirmed mine I can look at feedback if yours isn't. All items are used but are guaranteed not to be DOA but that is about it, unless stated new, then it will have a warranty some where else. If an item is DOA, I will be happy to refund your money once I have received the item back and tested it. In supposrt of our community here I want to donate 10% of total price of an itme back to the street for the help and supposrt provided here. Thanks for everything A_G, and thanks dr_bowtie and ReelFiles for your future efforts in maintaining the Street! I prefer to use USPS Priority with DC and insure the item to NewEgg retail price. This is included in the price to make it easy, so think about that if a price seems a little high. If something seems really high, PM me, don't crap on my thread, please. All offers welcome, but lowballs will be ignored. Sorry Cont US only. I don't order from anywhere else cause it is a pain, and I don't ship anywhere else cause it is worse. Nothing at the moment. I have too much to worry about on the homefront to sell or ship anything. Sold 2 x 256 Cosair XMS PC3500 to CPDMF opty 165 to bobyboy101 MCP650 to Snowpro DFI Venus (ES) to likewhoa Big Typhoon to t_ski 7900gt to gir MCP350 to catkicker Opty 165 and 7950GT to JRW21 Opty 165 to drmalenko DFI SLI DR to Leperconzero I know ther ei s more but... I forget.
  4. You looking for a new or used chip, dually or single? I have a new opty 165 that I never opened. It is a CCBBE 0616.... something, a naked 175 CCBWE, and a naked FX55 I forget the stepping. PM me if you're interested in any of them.
  5. I have been asked on other forums to get rid of my sig even though it was not beyond the "rule's" limits. I try to compromise on those forums and only show my sig in my first post in a thread. I then click the check box for "show signature" on any post below that in that thread so it only shows in one post. You could "try" to ask people to do that.
  6. Sounds to me like your video card doesn't like you... You should mail it to me... What board do you plan on replacing the eXpert with?
  7. I have an MCP350 sitting on the shelf... PM sent.
  8. Sprint recently upgraded the speed of their aircard network in my area... Not too bad for $16/month.
  9. Well, got the motorcycle, 2006 HD Sportster 883L, there is a thread around here somewhere. Speaking of getting married, my best friend who moved to Calgary is getting hitched in early August. I have been requisitioned to be the Best Man... Now I need to find some cheap airline tickets... :confused:
  10. I can't beleive I didn't see this one when I opened my thread in the off topic section... I have a 2006 HD Sportster 883L with driving lights and the safety break lights added. Since it is my first bike I always wear a helmet and even got the vented jacket with the "body armor" in it. After 500 miles on it I am starting to feel comfortable on it. Well, comfortable at less than 70mph anyway. Anything higher and I feel the wind is going to pluck me off of the bike. Wow, you go a "shaft" driven bike. I like that, no chain/belt to get things caught in.
  11. I heard while shopping that if I really wanted to buy american I should get a honda... As long as they will honor my warranty. snow, are you still riding or sis that site take the urge out of ya? That article is awfully vauge...
  12. Thanks man! I'm so close I get to hear it as it hit the "speed bumps"... Unfortunatly I work nights, it may end up as my alarm clock...
  13. Might you have any pics? Are these pc3200s? Heatware or eBay feedback you can share with us? Interested in any trades? I am in need of a 2 gig set, but only have "gear" to bargin with, but I seem to have a lot of gear. Water cooling, FX55, Opty 165... Guess I need to open a FS thread myself.
  14. DOH!!! East it is... I have a friend in Hudson I may need to visit in a week or so, but will probably get out there in a month or so... :tooth:
  15. What did your Vet say it was? The food recalled was causing kidney failure. If it was kidney failure you can do a search for the list of recalled foods, see if what you were feeding was on the list.
  16. That sux man. I have always had cats around and can imagine life without one. We have 3 at the moment. We had to put our fourth cat to sleep last October... on my birthday. I feel for ya. My girlfriend just happens to work at the Vet, but we still couldn't get him fixed up. Was your cat's problem related to any of that food scare?
  17. That's a nice monitor there... What all are you looking for, mid range gear stuff? Would it be possible for a local meet to swap? I may have a few things, SLi-DR, FX55, 6600GT, h20 stuff (blocks, rad(s), pump), even a PSU or two, and I live an hour or two west of you.
  18. Use a server OS... :confused: Do it in software. It will not perform as good. I guess there is a way to use Ghost also.
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