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  1. AeroCool Turbine 550, it has a 20 pin, with a 4 pin sleeved with it to make 24.
  2. I got the BFG 7900 GT OC from ZZF last week. It actually arrived the day after I ordered it, with next day air. :nod: And that only cost $14 and some change! :shake: I picked the BFG because it was the ONLY card available... Well between the 3 or 4 major etailers. I think there was one eVGA 7800 GT for $319 and then the BFG for $339... It was a rough choice. But again, nobody had anything, GT wise (7800 or 7900) in stock. Looks like a few arrived in stock this morning, but last week... nothing. I am very happy with the BFG although I have nothing to compare with. I got Oblivion the same day ther card arrived and it plays that with everything turned up very well. I think with two of these in SLi it would be flawless.
  3. :nod: I have an CCBWE 0551 VPMW and 2x512 of the Plat Rev 2s that I am able to get to 2.7, 300x9 with a 166 divider @ 1.55 volts. Have not heard of anyone with such a "new" chip. Good luck!
  4. Today they have $38 instant savings making them $159! I ordered mine and even went for the next day shipping!!! "F" those rebates. @warzer The pc4000s are only $15 more that the pc3200s... I would say yes, it is worth it!
  5. Me 2! Me 2! :shake: They were so inexpensive that I went for the next day shipping!
  6. I have an opty 165 running a stable 2.61 @ 290x9 with a 166 divider 24/7. :cool: I can get it to 2.7 but it is only 9 hours SPrime Stable, the 2.61 is 24 hours SP stable. When I got my CPU a few weeks ago the difference between a 165 and 170 was almost $100. I have seen extreme cooling unlock the multipliers on the 165 also, but had not tried anything like that with mine. Part of me wishes that I would have splurdged on the 170, but I just bought a 2GB kit of G Skills, and if I would have gotten the 170 I doubt I could have gotten the RAM. It all about perspective! :nod:
  7. Ditto! :nod: I just got the 2x1GB G Skill HZs, $150+ with instant savings!!! The Sandi may clock a little higher, but the X2 is a dually!!! :shake:
  8. WOW! Looks like you will be able to water cool the chipset. Nice "move" there huh? :nod:
  9. :nod: Greetings, I have had similar concerns about chipset temps. Before I got the DFI NF4 I had a Gigabyte NF4, k8n I think. It has a passive HS on it's CS and it idled @ 70 C. I called gigabyte and they said that was normal. I disagreed and returned it (ZipZoomFly RMA'd it, no "?'s" asked) and bought the DFI. It's CS idles around 45 to 49 and loaded @ 59 to 62. I took the HSF off and the "thermal material" was very poor, a square of :confused: something, I used... AS5 of course and the temps dropped to 42 to 45 idle and 49 to 52 loaded. I still think this is warm IMO but it seems it is not from what I have read. I am now looking to find a water block that will fit this CS. My CPU gets a little warm if I push it past the 2.5 mark with this stock HSF.
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