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  1. He said "old friends"... I just thought you had a whole summer of detention... Good luck with your senior year! Forget about the cars man, it is the girls you should be getting "into". :cool:
  2. Hey... I don't feel good either... Some lap dances and a shot or two of Absinthe would do nicely... :cool:
  3. Just curious. I RMA'd my BFG 7900 GT OC and when it came back it was a 7950 GT OC. How much better is the 7950 GT over the 7900 GT? Would it compare to two 7900 GTs in SLi? I plan on setting back up the Venus rig with the card to do a lil testing but was wondering what to expect.
  4. Yea... but... I really haven't had good luck buying and selling abroad. And with this board, I'd hate for anything to go wrong. It is too good of a board to get lost or something similar. Also, since my 7900Gt got RMA'd and came back a 7950Gt, and my pump died so I had to take my h2o setup off my laser show computer; I may take my lil ViaAqua 120volt pump and put the Venus back together with the 165, 2 gigs of my HZ and the 7950 and see how it plays Oblivion and some 3Dmarks. :cool: I kept looking at the card last night, :drool:, while I was moving my Infinity out of my watercooling case and started to get an itch... If I can get the ViaAqua to stop leaking around the tubing I might see if Ican get it all togther later "today". But technically speaking it, the chip, and the video card are still for sale. I need to see what a good price for the 7950Gt is though... :confused:
  5. :angel: That's Rosh Hashanah correct? I have been trying to find a greeting for that one that will roll off the tounge nicely... I'm not doing too well though. Enjoy yours either way!
  6. Not meaning to thread crap, but the optys dropped in price since you made this thread... I know I lost a lot of value out of the 3 skt 939 chips I still have. Those HZs are hard to find right now, but... Have you gotten rid of the 1900xtx in your sig? and lastly... You're gonnget a LOT of SPAM with your email sitting in that last post like that...
  7. That was a quick 12 to 24 hours man! Seemed closer to 4 hours to me.
  8. Good luck man, what are you looking to get?
  9. If you'd like to hit the other end of the lanparty spectrum I'm sellling my Venus over here...
  10. I was looking into getting a NF3 250 and someone suggested a DFI. I searched a little and found DFI-Street. After a few days lurking I saw that it was the best support site for a motherboard company so I went and bought the DFI NF3 250 cause I knew there was good support...
  11. Just want to clarify, I have no need to buy anything but your post up there is unclear to me until I read it three times. You are selling, as a combo, the Ultra D and the Opty 148 for $175 shipped? At first I thought it was for the chip only. :tooth:
  12. I believe in both. I read a book that changed my perspective and caused me to then change my thoughts about life and that changed my life. It is called "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsh. It does a good job of explaining how God created the universe for us to evolve, and how we really create the reality around us. I'd explain it but I am not good with words so... it! I made the statement in the thread that I think influenced the creation of this thread. "We exist to experience life." This is one of the basic ideas the book is trying to make readers aware of. If you have and open mind and the need of a good book to read, pick it up. :angel:
  13. I took my 3G 165 out and put it in my FS thread. The Venus is up FS also.
  14. Our purpose is to exist and experience life...
  15. I'd like to see the "timing" a little faster. Looks to be a very low flow cooling system. Be ever better to have the "timing" set up to processor load or temp like a fan control and then try to synch an engine soundtrack to it. :tooth:
  16. I may be a lil biased... I did find the article on the HDforums site... but I brought it straight over here.
  17. I just saw this and am in awe... Wish I had skills like that.
  18. Damn... Can't even open yer mouth while on your own back porch smokin... :tooth:
  19. I got a Harley 883L Sportster. Again, good luck. I feel if you are unhappy in a situation one of the hardest things to do, but usually the best thing to do is leave. Most of the time it makes everyone happy in the end.
  20. It does seem a lil short... They also see, to get a lot more days off during the year that I did, but my memory ain't all that good. I didn't go to Calgary, was looking too expensive. $1200+, and after the bike, I don't got that. I'm addicted to riding the bike now though. :cool: Gir... um, good luck on you divorce, you seem enthisiastic. Angry, you get married yet
  21. Did you happen to get my last PM a few days ago? :confused:
  22. You couldn't force it to 1:1? I know with 4 stix you have to go 2T but when I did it I could always set my divider to what I wanted. :confused:
  23. It is the clear acrylic one. I'm about to run out for a ride, but when I get back I'll PM you a picture of everything I got.
  24. Man... You didn't even let it get warm in your machine.
  25. Hey... You want any o my stuff... There is a cpu, gpu and chipset block there. I have a 120v pump, a DD cd bay res, and two 120mm 3/8 in Rads that are not listed... I'd do a combo deal for a whole loop.
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