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  1. I don't know about everyone else, but those are the reason I'll never pick em back up. My mom smokes and when I go over to her house I can taste it in the air and when I leave I feel like a "fag" cause my clothing is saturated. Maybe the feeling is closer to a "butt" than a "fag"...
  2. I have a bottle of Johnny Walker red that my dad gave to me that he bought in early 1970... :tooth:
  3. I quit in late 2000 myself after roughly 15 years, mainly to tighten the finacial belt. I found they really tasted nasty and I think that is why I have never really looked back. I found myself at the bar 2 or 3 times later where I smoked a few and luckily they tasted just as bad drunk as sober. I couldn't tell you the last time I smoked a cig... sometime in 2001. We're all here for you man! If you hear a little voice trying to talk you into going to the store for a pack, tell it to... It be much easier to ... Once that voice dies, you'll feel like...
  4. Might want to add a pic for "rule 26"... This isn't a video iPod is it?
  5. I went to school for video game design at a school here in Florida called Full Sail. A company called Tibouron is local here, I pass it on the way home from work, that is a division of EA. They do the Maddon series. All through school we heard nightmare stories about 50 to 80 hour work weeks worked there... Made my career descion right there... No Madden for me. They're gonna kill NWN aren't they?
  6. I got to admit, I wouldn't go over $600 for it. If you can get $7-800, I'd run with it. It'd be happy to get that for the rig in my sig.
  7. I actually asked one company, well several actually, that kept sending me flyers about student loan consolidation. They said there is a # on the flyer that is for opting out. It is probably the same place. I signed up but I stll get things. They stopped for a while, but then I got a house and they started back up again... :confused:
  8. Definatly in the top ten... Now, if it was Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, then maybe it'd be a better idea... It'd have to say insults to the USB port though. :cool:
  9. Good thread A_G! :cool: What do you mean??? :confused: I avoid his movies, not cause I am a conserve (I'm NOT, I think someone called me a libertarian, I want everyone to leave me alone!), but I try to stay away from conspiricy therories even if they are right. It always seems like you never find out... Part of me really wants us to have been on the moon. What do you mean "that bad over there"??? :confused:
  10. Make sure you post a big thanks for all the helpful posts...
  11. Congrats Man! My three year just passed where I work and I got a nice memo printed in full color... 8x10 even... :tooth: You gonna mealt that bar down and make a nice water block with it?
  12. I got one of those with my gyga-byte 6600 GT with the heat pipe cooler on it. It is a PCI bracket that holds the SLi bridge and has a couple of different way to attach an included small fan. And yea, looks like that mouse got beat up by a cat... That's what you get for kickin your cat, it beats up you mouse. :tooth:
  13. No... I meant a 512MB 7950GT and a 256MB 7950GT. I wondered if you put the 512 first if it would use all it's memory or resort to 256 to match the smaller memory card. I know they won't use both card's memory, but will they work in SLi?
  14. Thanks guys! I saw somewhere that there were more pipes opened... :confused: I guess it is just a nice lil RMA upgrade. Can the 512MB card SLi with the 256MB card?
  15. I'm not sure if odd is theterm I would use... At least it was a positive PM... :angel:
  16. Looks like it took a bite out of my post count also... :sad:
  17. And um... what happend to all the replies I "had"?... :confused:
  18. I'd try a 24 hour CMOS clear. I had a similar problem with my SLi-DR a while back and that actually did the trick...
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