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  1. I'm only customizing it to make it more efficient and safe. I mainly use it to get to work. The bags make it so I don't have to wear a backpack, lights so I can be seen, and a seat for my a$$. The stock seat sucks. After about 25 I want to stop and get off the bike. It is a 31 mile trip to work. :rolleyes: I want to get louder pipes, and I keep saying it is to be heard easier so people will quit merging into my lane. I say if they can't see me maybe they'll hear me, but it is also the fact that these stock pipes limit the Harley sound IMO... :D

  2. Yea, it definatly is another money pit. I went to a swap meet down here last weekend and got a set of throw over bags for $65, over half off, and then got a seat off eBay for $60. I want new pipes, crash bar, and more lights for mine... That's before Ocing it. :rolleyes: :cool:

  3. What about selling t-shirts? I have a guy that will do silk screening. It would be a way to advertise the site and make money to keep the servers running for a bit.


    This was going to be my suggestion... :tooth: I'm down to donate a percentage of what is left in my FS thread. The last two items actually went to the mortgage. I understand when you look at your new house and wonder, "Was it really a good idea?". I just made my 13th house payment. :cool:

  4. Show me the money!!!


    I would ask for full payment... no doubt about it.


    I agree, then if whe won't pay, contact the other interested party AND contact eBay so you aren't out the fees. eBay etiquette means you read the auction before you bid, if you bid you pay. Then it is feedback time, no matter what happens.

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