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  1. its confusing me a bit! i can see where the ddr360 comes from on the post screen, because that will be 2x 180 = ddr360 yes? but if ddr500 = 250mhz, surely 269mhz would not equal ddr360? does anyone else see this or am i missing something major...like a brain lol in cpuz, under the memoy tab, it says frequency 259.3 fsb / dram CPU:10 hmmm :confused:
  2. but thats not ddr360 like the post screen says? :confused:
  3. thanks FZ1. i have just grabbed cpuz v1.32 and it is still showing 259mhz for the memory. and when i try and do a screenie with this new cpuz, it closes! :confused: :shake: http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc?id=70969 so heres the validation. any ideas?
  4. right all stable at 2591. could someone tell me if this makes sense.... on bootup, the post screen reports the memory as DDR360. CPUZ reports the memory as running at 259mhz. im using the 180 divider in the 704 2bta bios. cpu is running at 288x9. which one is wrong? cheers
  5. great case, the board will fit fine. cooling is pretty good, but things can be a tight squeeze if you have a lot of stuff. lots of cable management and patience required
  6. so i left it priming overnight, was still fine when i got up....went to have a look at it after 12 hours and as i sat down it failed on core 0. 11 hours 55 mins. instead of upping the volts again, ive just lowered the mhz a touch, so ill see if that works. i swear it waited until it saw me sitting down :shake:
  7. ok its time to do the watercooling thing. as its my first time watercooling, i thought i would go for a kit, so does this look like a good way to go. ill have to add an extra gpu block and some extra tubing, but my question is this....will the other supplied parts, such as the pump and radiator be ok to take heat away from 2xgtx cards and a cpu that gets really hot? if not, could you point me at something more suitable. also if there are any known issues with fitting them to a sli-d board and dell oem gtx cards. heres the links for the stuff. http://www.coolercases.co.uk/details/wc_tdx_hi-flow_plus.htm the kit http://www.coolercases.co.uk/details/wc_maze4_gpu_acetal.htm extra block http://www.coolercases.co.uk/details/wc_nv_7800_block.htmand then theres these gpu blocks, but almost twice the price :eek: any input greatly appreciated folks. thanks
  8. mines in a lian li v1000 case and everything is upside down, i did a comparison test and it was a couple of C better by keeping it with the heatpipes facing downwards (theres a thread in the modding section). speaking of heat, i just turned the volts down, but its just failed at 1.48v so back up it goes.
  9. its funny you should mention that. i powered off, all ready to try them out and realised that i couldnt get the first one out without taking the heatsink off...so i just changed bios instead lol
  10. thanks cook1 and cdelong, ive just set the divider to 180 so now the memory is running at 261. this is promising because before i couldnt even boot with this divider. dual prime is running now, so ill leave it on over night and report back with my settings and some screenies. thanks p.s. all the memory settings are the same as in my first post, except for the drive strength is now set to level 1 and weak 1 (before it was level 1 / level 1) one other thing i have found, and this applied to when i had the single core venice in, is that it wouldnt boot, or just plain didnt like the 1T setting, so 2T it is.
  11. hi trooper, thanks for replying. ive flashed back to the 704 2bta bios and i have managed to boot to windows and start dual priming (only a few min in so im not gonna hold my breath!) the memory is running at 237 now according to cpuz. not a sniff of it even being close to booting using 1:1. thanks for the settings, i know some of those values wont work on mine, but thanks all the same while this is priming, im going to see if i can find out why this takes about 30 seconds from leaving the bios and restarting before anything appears on the screen...weirdness. thanks
  12. thank you for the reply. i have found the limit of the cpu to be 2608 (sometimes this is reported as 2611 in mbm) the limit of the ram in memtest with no errors is 263 on this motherboard, although it was 275 on a previous ultra-d. the ram is g.skill hz series which uses UCCC chips. i have tried 2.5v, 2.6, 2.63 and now settled on 2.53v. i cant boot at all using 1:1 - i was thinking this was something to do with the 9x multiplier? ill have a play with the drive strengths again later when i change back to the 2bta bios.
  13. i dunno, im happy with an 800mhz overclock. i would just like to get the ram at somewhere close to what it should run at.
  14. any less volts and its unstable at this mhz. in fact, at stock volts it will go to around 2300 and anything after that seems to require this amount of juice. edit: the stepping is CCBWE 0551 WPMW
  15. thanks for the reply, i flashed from the bios you mention back to this one to try and cure a long pause in rebooting. ill flash back to it and give it a go. thanks
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