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  1. Thanks mate, I think you understand! I am having some HARD times with mine ram, and this seems related to the 12/7 BIOS + Expert + my peculiar cpu stepping (0550 UPMW), which is MORE difficult than normal to tweak, at least seems this way for the 175 model...
  2. YES i have seen dozens of A64 Tweaker's pictures and ALL 4 MemClk were always ENABLED Just people with Expert AND 12/07/2005 BIOS have MemClk 2/3 DISABLE...i don't know if a different BIOS on Expert can change this since i haven't seen so far a settings picture (from A64 Tweaker) from an Expert's user with different BIOS And yes, i use Orange slots too as the great majority of Expert's users, i think
  3. Me too, i have some problem to get completely stable my Ballistix @ anything above 250 Mhz... Aside that, my system @ my stable ram settings run perfectly and rock solid (the Expert seems absolutely fine) but i need a divider to get high overclock---> my only problem with the Expert is memory related I have the 12-07-2005 Bios AND 175 UPMW 0550: my best setting at the moment for my DRAM is 7 Drive & 4 Data Strength... Of course 8 is NORMAL not Weak! I think maybe something is wrong with the peculiar combo 12/7 BIOS & Expert & 0550 UPMW, since in other forum (like ExtremeSystem and many italian forum) people have trouble with ram like you/me In some case this will restrain the OC as well The Data set to 4 helped me a lot to get more stability... By the way (and that seems odd to me) my Ballistix works even with 8/3 Drive/Data (that is a NORMAL setting) ---> not much stable but BETTER than others Weak settings and BETTER than let Drive/Data on AUTO ---> definitely i advise you do NOT leave these settings to Auto, at least with 12-07-2005 BIOS PS.: My ram works A LOT BETTER with Idle Cycle @ 256... 16 is TOTALLY UNSTABLE FOR ME (maybe related to Ballistix, but not sure since MOST people with my ram get impressive speed & stability with 16 Idle Cycle BUT NOT WITH EXPERT mobo) I have noticed also that my A64 Tweaker, like your, show that Mem Clk 2/3 are DISABLE ---> people with different mobo (or BIOS?) have all four Mem Clk ENABLED! Perhaps not important, but I would want to know...
  4. Is there any better BIOS than the 12-07-2005 for the Expert? Especially for the Opteron (yes i know: of course not official but at least safe tested...) and my ram :nod: See my sig! Thanks
  5. Yes, of course i'm aware of the importance of REAL voltage, especially with DRAM and CPU!!! BUT since my DRAM modules are running @285+ at such low voltage i don't need to push---> this is the reason that i say "it's more a curiosity than a real problem". The temperature of the CPU core is another matter, i'm scared about the "random" & "funny" temps reported by te Expert, and this is why i don't want really push my system to the Holy Grail of 3.0 Ghz---> i need more than 1,54 V for that. @ 1.54 my CPU (reported) temps are: - idle: 25 C - full load: 36-38 C My room temp is around 20 C What do you think?
  6. No! Luckily, the buzzer isn't annoying even @ HIGH volume! Thanks
  7. I'm a bit lazy and not very "Expert" with multimeter...but ok, i can ask a friend Thanks you, too
  8. 1) So i must trust the sensor above the value i set? Ok 2) About Karajan: seems that all is really "normal"---> in my case the buzzer is pratically unnoticeable, i think i can accept this Thanks!
  9. I have assembled the rig in my spec 3 weeks ago and I can say that I would not have never believed that it would have gone so well! This is my FIRST DFI rig and I was a bit concerned, especially about the Expert mobo but...no problem at all, Windows XP Pro SP2 installed and running perfectly at the first attempt, never a BSOD, a crash or whatever. The system is really rock solid and i have "tasted" a freeze only when i have tried to boot straight to 3.0 Ghz :nod: Ok, I go to the point: not real problems indeed, more like a curiosity: 1) I have noticed that the DRAM voltage sensor report in BIOS (and therefore in every monitor software...) a value inferior that the one i have set. Usually this difference is - 0,09 V ---> for ex. if i set 2,7 V in BIOS the sensor report 2,61 and so on... I must trust the voltage i set or the voltage reported by the sensor? 2) Rarely (VERY rarely) i can hear a fleble buzzer (less than an istant!) produced by the Karajan module. I have installed the last official Nvidia audio drivers and i have re-checked the module installation: all seems correct. Must I install other drivers or maybe all this is just normal, due to the "software" nature (and therefore imperfection) of the Karajan module? Thanks for the replies! I would want also to thanks all the GREAT PEOPLE of this forum that have helped me, in particular Angry!!! ---> by the way the Ballistix are a BOMB, running cold ice at 285+ / 2,6 V (or 2,51??? - see above) just "out of the box": I really hope that they last!
  10. Is there someone that has take off the IHS from an Opteron 0550 UPMW (better if 175...) and use AIR COOLING? If yes, please post result before and after the surgery!
  11. The 0550 UPMW is a strange stepping: i have seen some 165 go straight to 2.8, some others don't pass 2.6, no matter the applied voltages or good/bad temps :confused: For the 175 it's the same: it seems that the 170 is the best choice for 0550 UPMW, performing very well with "no bad surprise" in OC capabilities (2.8 seems normal for the 170) I think maybe this mess is caused by poor assembly line, because i have seen that taking off the IHS REALLY IMPROVED the performance in 165 & 175 0550 UPMW---> some 175 can hit 3000+ :eek: with no prob after taking off the IHS!!! If someone have done this, please post results!!!
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