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  1. So... Any other ideas? I've got one more 500GB HDD coming and will be converting to RAID5 so I'll probably go through this ordeal again.
  2. At the time, I _only_ had the 3x500Gb drives connected. The 250GB and 120GB drives were out of the loop. The RAID array is all 3 drives in RAID0 (1.5 terabyte volume).
  3. Yes. But not on a RAID array using the nForce 4 chipset SATA ports. All jumpers came set with "Spread Spectrum Clocking" enabled, which is the factory default, presumably for a stability reason. This would not yield a BSOD on it's own as far as I know. So it is in SATA2 mode (300MB/sec max). I do that with every fresh install of Windows, so overclocking isn't an issue here. Any other ideas? Also, one other thing. I did manage to copy my 250GB disk image over to the RAID array using Acronis, and it allowed me to boot into Windows on the RAID array without a reinstall, but I'd prefer to reinstall soon anyways. Things seem clunky here and there.
  4. I just recently got three 500GB WD HDDs intended for RAID0 (Soon to be 4 with RAID5 when I can afford it) and wish to run x64 on that RAID array. However, I am stuck. I am installing from a Windows Pro x64 disk with SP2 slipstreamed in it. Also I put the files from nForce 4 AMD 6.86 drivers, folders IDEWinXPsata_ide and IDEWinXPsataraid onto a floppy and loaded BOTH drivers with F6 in text mode install. Text mode of the install detects the RAID array fine after I laod the drivers from floppy, which are later copied to the HDD when it copies files from the CD. The second part (GUI mode) loads up fine on it own as well. When loading the OS for the third and final time, I get a BSOD while loading the OS. The STOP error is 7B meaning inaccessible boot device. This is assuming that for some reason the drivers aren't loading. Can someone help please?
  5. Glad you said that, JoeWho. Sold all four sticks for $359.80 + shipping.
  6. Yes. 80 shipped for 1, 155 for 2 shipped, 300 for 4 shipped. Add $15 for non-domenstic shipping though. They probably wont sell at that rate, small price change... Thanks for pointing out the typo.
  7. For sale is what is stated in the subject. 4 512MB DIMMs of OCZ Platinum PC-4800 DDR. Model page: http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memo...c_4800_platinum. Managed to run DDR594 with the rated timings and 1T back in the day with my Opteron 146 CABYE 0540FPMW at 2970MHz. Dual core (Used X2 3800+ LDBHE 0607XPMW and currently Opteron 165 CCBBE 0615EPMW) has been a bit more pickier and instead settled on tight timings of 2-3-2-0 and 2T with all 4 DIMMs running. This RAM has been VERY picky, even failing to post at CAS 2.5 and 3 unless pulling allnighters getting drive strengths and and other timings down. Got frustrated though trying to get it through memtest on looser timings and same frequency and set it abck down to DDR430. Will sell at $75 for 1 stick, $145 for 2, or $280 for all 4. Price includes domestic shipping fees unless its non-domestic (Add $15). Might be willing to work out a deal. I was recomended not to sell, but instead I have moved to Corsair 2 x 1GB PC-4400 to favor 1T. Currently in the middle fo RMAing because of one stick containing a bad memory chip with a constant failure at a specific memory address. Pic: http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/2708/im000327nt7.jpg (Not dialup friendly) EBAY: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...id=malezergling EDIT: Price adjusted, fixed typo. EDIT: SOLD on eBay for alot more.
  8. Wait, you can flash bioses not exclusive to the expert board to the expert board? I always thought that would render my system useless. In any case, PC is fixed finally. Running back at 3006 MHz and CPU/14 CAS2-3-2-0 2T. VGA at 725/1720
  9. Well now, it isn't the video card. Got a PCI GeForce 4 MX4000, same issues. But, I had done a second no battery cmos clear and plopped in the new opteron. It posts and I can get into BIOS settings. The memory is EXTREMELY flaky though, running at DDR200 XAS3-4-4-8 2T so it gets through the windows install. I'm hoping a BIOS update can fix some of my memory issues. As for the CCBBE Opteron, I might need someone to resolder a replacement for the missing ground pin since it doesnt post further than the logo. Changing CPUs makes the CMOS reset so I can't tell whats happening with that logo in the way. Myah... Biostar had no-logo and logo BIOSes, why doesnt DFI? <_< At least I can see where its hanging if I got it to avoid the logo altogether.
  10. I'm trying to get my hands on a 3rd video card. The battery and ac power is all disconnected while clearing. Inside the case. There are no shorts. I'm wise enough not to do that. I had to fix a friend's mistake when he did that. Fried the mobo and PSU. No leaking coolant. I already re-wrapped the threads once now with a more liberal layer of teflon tape just in case. No leaks.
  11. Firs of all, I apologize for making a new thread, if it wasnt the right thing to do. But its not in regards to the watercooling. Now on to the show...Feel free to smite me down whenver. Specs of new system... Same as below except 700W GamesXtream, and Swiftech Apogee CPU block, and their chipset and VGA waterblocks too, Thermaltake Mozart Tx Case. After starting from scratch, using stock air coolers on everything, bare minimums, it posted as far as I could tell. All the LEDs counted down to the one left on before OS gets loaded. I've got a cold boot issue (I think... Can only power on from cold boot) but thats not really my main problem right now. I put everything back into the case, but upon cleaning up the 7900GTX, I noticed one of the tiny resistors in the upper rightmissing (One of the _really_ tiny ones. Perhaps someone has a quick fix to that? Anyways, I figured out that the 4 LED no post problem was my reset button was stuck down. Fixed that right away, and the LEDs count down to one. Figuring it's working, I clean up my room and hook up some of the bare stuff to the computer like monitor and PS/2 keyboard. The LEDs count down to one, I get a healthy system beep, and the mainboard logo comes up. Thats it. It won't progress any further than that. I tried both the new opteron and the old 938 pin one (Missing ground pin), didnt work. I tried a PCI gfx card I had lying around, and the BIOS chip on that melted :cool:. I've tried a CMOS clear with no avail. Held down insert as I powered up, no luck there. This doesnt look like this will be as easy to fix as a stuck reset button... On an unrelated note, does anyone know where I can find the coils you wrap around liquid cooling tubes of 3/4" OD? Swiftech has 5/8" OD coils but I dont know if that will work.
  12. Still only 2 LEDs meaning VGA isn't detected when 4 x 512MB is inserted (Tried 2 x 512MB in yellow, got 3 LEDs). This is done now using the 700W OCZ GameXstream instead of the Ultra X2 550W. Also have floppy cable plugged in. Perhaps its a BIOS issue? *Shrugs* Anyways since its mostly working, I suppose I'll start reassembling everything back into the case now. Edit: Bare minimums installed in case + watercooling. It posts, but I foudn that 2 of the 4 sticks of memory fails to post. It hangs up on VGA detection.
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