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  1. I think its pretty pathetic that both the MODS and DFI are ignoring this problem. I guess we're not good enough to even get a sticky.
  2. I'm jumping up to a opty 170, so I need to part ways with this awesome chip. This chip ran stable 2.6 Ghz (10x260, 1.475v) on both a DFI nF4 Ultra D and DFI nF4 Expert board (Prime/3Dmarks/SuperPI). You will recieve the stock HSF, but I recommending getting the XP-90 - as this is what I had and it ran 30C at idel, 40C at load. Any questions, feel free to ask!. $315 obo. Thank you for looking! Heat Ebay Feedback
  3. So I did this as well, made sure to UPDATE ALL with the 11/02 BIOS and so far so good. It usually crashed randomly in BF2, but would crash quickly in FEAR. I played 5 hours of FEAR and a few hours of BF2 with out a problem. So I'll keep going and then report back after a few days.
  4. I don't know if this will add to the problem. I was playing BF2 and had the same problem. Shut down to releive some of my fustration, and came back 2 hours later and started up the machine. On boot, I got the Nvidia bubble that said it required the SLI bridge in order to run SLI, which I clearly had! Perhaps the board is disabling the bridge? I'm going to try next bios after 11/02 and see what happens. THIS IS UTTER BULLCRAP!
  5. Guys - I read this thread before I upgraded from the DFI nF4 ltra-D (modded sli) to this, and was praying to whoever that I wouldn't be having this problem. But apparently I didn't pray hard enough, becuase its doing it to me. BF2 locks and the sounds either loops or its kinda static and keep going somewhat. I tried the 11/02 BIOS, same issue. This is crap! Angry, please look into this. I live in Nampa, if you want to meet up and check out the issue yourself.
  6. see sig. I'm going for 2 x 270 tonight. I don't wanna go above 1.55v. Will let you guys know how it goes. Tatts - whats your SuperPi 1M times?
  7. I'm going to shoot for 2750 tonight. I'm stable at 2600 right now, but my SuperPi times are 31 Seconds.
  8. Martin Cracauer - Its my opinion and I'll leave it at that. I'm all for figuring out the issue rather than pointing fingers. I don't think its a batch issue as they (from what people have posted).
  9. I did not forget to mention that detail, becuase it is not apart of this discussion. There is a reason it is rated at 250Mhz and not , 260, 279, or 295 - but I guess you're over looking that. Put it this way - If you buy a new sports car that has a RPM redline of 5,000, but you go ahead and drive it around reving it up to 7,000 RPM. You throw a piston out the side of the block and now try to drive it at the 5,000 but it isn't working either (duh, missing piston + hole in block = no good). Do you go back to the dealer and request an exchange becuase you felt like "playing with fire"? You break it going above the Manufacturer's spec and want it replaced now?
  10. I dont' get the mentality here. You run the memory at 260 or 270, which is above the spec speed and after a while it starts to fail. Then these exact same people b!tch becuase they are suggested to active cool the ram. If I was Crucial and knew whom were o/c the ram above spec, I'd deny any replacement request.
  11. Akis23, What is your SuperPI times for 1M? Also, could you post your current BIOS settings to reach 2,750?
  12. I thought the Toledo's were better o/c'ers than the Manchesters.
  13. My 4200+ X2 I have stable at 2.6 (260x10) at 1.5v. Idles at 31 and loads at 42. This is with an XP-90 and a Medium Panflow fan.
  14. Very Strage issue I had when I installed it, it bumped my idle temps from 29 to 42! I dont' have CnQ enabled. Couldn't figure this one out.
  15. I was able to mod my Ultra-D to an SLi-D. I purchased it on OCt. 29th from New Egg. It did have epoxy on the contacts, but used a razor to remove it. I, too, did think I went too deep but it booted up the first time w/o any issues. Only downside is Winblows wants me to re-activate.
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