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  1. lol yah, i GOOFED, I can't read, I read the Power-SW as Power-LED, so I thought I had 3 Power LED connections. The power LED is one white wire and one green wire, on the mobo you separate them by 1 pin.. well anyway, if that doesnt make sense above, IT WORKS! lol thanks
  2. So the Stacker comes with 3 Power L.E.D connectors. One with 2 pins, and then two with single pins, buth all are labled Power L.E.D. The DFI Lanparty UT Ultra-D quick installation guide designates only 3 pins for the front Power L.E.D. So which ones do I do? I thought i tried them all but no luck so far. One of the lose ones is green and I think the other is white. Do you usually have the label of the connector facing out (so you can see it) or do you have them all facing towards the top of the motherboard? Thank You.
  3. wow nice clean LOL! 54 to 38? and 48 to 30,gg...yah i noticed my cpu temp went up by 4-8 degrees..damn dust
  4. I been having computers problem for the last week or so and I thought it was my RAID 0 setup b/c I would check my event viewer after locking up and it would say nvraid...The driver detected a controller error on. I even bought one new HDD and changed the cables but I still get the error. Well after a while I pinpointed when I get the error...on startup but this doesn't cause my system to freeze etc. So it seems like a meaningless error if it isn't causing me issues. A friend of mine said he got this error as well with his raid 0 setup on his DFI motherboard what he did was disable the nvraid service, which I searched in services and I do not have in there. So I guess it doesn't really matter if it keeps giving me the error in event viewer since it doesn't bother me, hehe I wouldn't even notice if I didnt have PC problems the last week and checked event viewer. So does anyone have a simple explanation of this error and how to get rid of it? I'm using BigToe's beta bios of the newest official release..406BTA. I'm also using the newest nvidia drivers, 6.70 for WinXP. Thanks
  5. Yah mine plugs and plays @ rated speeds but not @ 260mhz with my PC oc'ed from 1.8 to 2.6GHZ. So okay Ill be patient. Since it is not design to be plugged n play while OC'ed. Blah haha! My PSU is fine btw. I just havent had enough time to sit down and mess with it for a whole day straight, I wish i could do that ! Ugh school so stressful Thanks for all your help guys. Let you know my results later tonight (if i get any )
  6. So ok i'll try ur thing tonight. Run prime blend or large? Guess it doesnt matter.
  7. I originally bought the g.skill 2GB DDR400 kit from newegg.com and was not happy with the OC results. So I am going to return them and I purchase and been using the g.skill 2GB DDR500 kit for a week now (it was cheaper than the DDR400 kit wth?) I got the DDR500 to use less of a ram divider and get better performance out of faster RAM, but it has been is a nightmare with dividers and making sure it was stable. AMD/DFI need to make better crap or someone needs to. Shouldn't have to tweak it so badly just because it is 2GB and not 1GB, stuff starts to freak out because of it. I hope in the future makin 2GB work just by physically installing it and no tweaking at all HAppens! Seeing that 2gb is becoming more and more of a standard for gamers etc.. Using 1GB was a breeze, everything on auto besides 7/10 divider and worked like a charm! Idunno what it is, stupid memory controller? pos, or the mobo? Blah! I'm getting restless but I guess I'll keep tweaking and tweaking. Today I woke up with my PC shut off, GJ RAM! haha. Yeah what is with passing LARGE FTT and small ftt test but failing the blend test in 2 minutes? I don't get it.
  8. I have revision E3 and yes with air cooling, XP-120 with panaflo medium. Now I just need this 2GB kit to work with this CPU OC YAH DAMN project, just need a good day to do all this, usually i only have a few hours a night! I run prime before i go to bed and wake up wiht it beeping after 2 minutes LOL! Yeah but blend fails fast...RAM fails a little after and CPU is stable (but i knew this alrdy) Maybe I should just say screw it and keep my g.skill 2GB DDR400 ram and use 7/10 divider with my 289FSB.
  9. Has anyone had success with this RAM and dividers like 9/10 and 5/6? Doesn't seem like anyone here uses them and if they do the answer is NO! I don't want 250 1:1 for a lousy 2320 ghz. Before with my 1GB DDR400 kit i used a 7/10 divider! and it was prime stable for 48 hours!
  10. I'm so gonna try your settings Same bios, same processor and motherboard. I had 289X9 with 1 gb but cant get it with this 2gb kit.
  11. So my RAM runs fine @ 250mhz 1:1 FSB/DRAM on my 3000+ Venice 939 CPU (9x CPU MULTI) with 4x HT multi with 1.45 X 113% voltages Now my problem is this. Before wiht my 1GB DDR400 kit of ram. I got up to 289FSB with 7/10 RAM divider, so 2.6Ghz while keeping the RAM @ 200mhz. Now I still want my 289FSB OC but with a 9/10 OC to make the ram 260. No luck sofar. I have tried 260FSB with 1:1 divider and ran prime95 large ftt test for 2 1/2 hours and then played bf2 but my pc restarted, bf2 froze several times so not stable obviously. I tried teamxrsx settings and they seemed pretty stable and I also updated to OCZ's Tony BIOS. I also tried 5/6 divider to make the ram under 250 and blend test etc.. still fail within a pretty short time. So before I could use a pretty extreme divider of 7/10 but now I can't even get it stable with 5/6 (which is under the rated 250) or 9/10 divider? That is one reason why I got this ram, to reduce my divider and obviously 2gb of ram for better performance in bf2 etc.. All I need is 260 out of this RAM!! Could it be my memory controller can't handle 250 of 2GB of ram but 200mhz of 1gb of ram? Should i increase some other voltage? to the chipset? hypertransport? Haha just throwing stuff out there. As a note I keep my HT multi @ 3x so don't worryabout it still @ 5x to make it shoot way over the 1ghz HTT. You guys probably need so more info. My settings are like teamxrsx and 704-BTA bios. My DRAM voltage is 2.6, should I try 2.5? 2.7(i think i tried this but it didn't get past BACKUP CMOS screen)? TREF I have tried auto, 3120, 3648 and auto seemed to run the 260 1:1 for prime for 2 1/2 hours (but crashed PC in BF2 so no good anyways) (it could run more but I stopped it). I tried max latency from 7-11. Here are some other ranges I have tried for other settings. Row Cycle time (Trc) - 7-10 Bus Clocks Row refresh cyc time (Trfc) - 13-18 clocks Data Drive Strength: level 1 and 3 Drive Strength: weak1 (other bios tried some other settings) Dyanmic counter: enable/disable Read preamble time: 5-7ns 32 Byte Granularity - Enable(2 Bursts) and disable Bypass max: 7x (should i try 4x?) Sometimes when I mess with these settings and i restart, my pc doesn't post and it just beeps and i have to reset cmos and it is really annoying (alrdy done it twice and somehow it messes up my windows lol?) I have followed many settings. G.skill recommend settings, all the settings of others who hit 260 and still no luck. I'm gonna try to change the voltage and I guess with more settings too (i messed with a lot already lol, how much more can there be?) Feel free to ask questions, I'm probably messing some vital information but this is just frustrating and not thinking too clearly right now. I'm gonna mess with voltages tonight and some really extremely stable settings.
  12. Ok so it is the PSU. I undid both my additional hdd's and the ram worked but @ DDR333 and I have to run it at stock CPU speeds as well. I'm gonna get this PSU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817103937 Antec SmartPower 2.0 SP-500 500W Power Supply Will that be way better than my current Xclio 450 WATT PSU?
  13. I'll try to unplug some stuff tomorrow. I thought this was a good PSU for the money, recommended a lot @ hardforum.com. Honestly I have two 80 SATA HDD's in Raid 0 (I'm using SATA POWER not the 4 pin Molex if that matters), 120 GIG ATA100, 160 GIG ATA133 HDD, DVD-BURNER, DVD-ROM, Audigy 2 ZS. So that is basically all I left out besides I have a XP-120 with a Panaflo Medium fan on it with FIVE 80mm case fans. Also I have the extra 4 pin molex and floppy power connected to the Mobo and this PSU has a 24 pin native psu and I think 33 A on 12 V dual rails, if that matters lol! Also here is a link to my photobucket hosted image of A64 Tweaker, just showing what I been using for my RAM settings. Hopefully this offers more insight into my problem. Sorry I'm lazy with bb code/html so just click link and you will see the image http://photobucket.com/albums/b120/ironeti...=a64tweaker.jpg
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