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  1. Well my fan started making a sick sound so I shut everything down. I need a new one. I'm asking for advice on a kick butt replacement. Here's the kicker. My GPU cover's it. So I will need one no taller that stock. I have plenty of air flow in my case. Thanks for yall's advice.
  2. I would try these 2 things first. 1. Clear CMOS 2. Remove 1 video card
  3. I just got a 165 from the egg two weeks ago and got a CCBBE 0617 and it does 2.7 with stock vcore.
  4. I have 2ea ASUS 7800GXT Top Cards. I could see one or both $175ea.
  5. JoeWho

    X2 or Opty??

    Hello, I'm on my 3rd opty 165 all differant steppings. But there is one thing in commen, all of the are very stable at 2.6ghz some a little higher. But 2.6 seems like the sweet spot. I have a 185 opty but only get to 3.0ghz. Had a 148 that would only do 2.6, and a 146 that rocks at 2.9. So to answer your qusrtion I would recommend a 165 Opty. Newegg has good steppings right now as of last week. Cow
  6. OK Happy, take a look at these http://www.steelseries.com/products/steel_sound The SteelSound 5H V2 looks like what your looking for.
  7. I would go with a conroe motherboard and DDR2 Ram, and a conroe CPU! Next week NVIDIA will have some stuff comming out. If not wanting to do above. I would recommend a 165 Opteron.
  8. E6700, unless you are using software that can use it, the quad is no faster, I think it's slower. I read about it at WWW.ANANDTECH.COM Q6600=$800+, E6700=$500+
  9. 8800gtx info at anandtech.com It benched 06 at 11k plus single card.
  10. YEP, Silverstone 580w would not handle my rig.
  11. For Sale - Gskill F-14800DSU2-1GBFF PC4800 (DDR600) 2.5-4-4-8 Samsung TCCD $200.00 shipped. Send Paypal payment to [email protected] You can check out my feedback on ebay under ASUSPARTS
  12. Happy, You can forget you have them on and just be sitting there with headphones on, or forget you have them on and get up for a beer and opps. Thats how nice the feel is on the SENNHEISER HD. I would not recommend the sennheiser's with built in mic. My son bought a pair and they hurt his ears after playing for awhile. SENNHEISER, SENNHEISER, SENNHEISER
  13. I highly recommend SENNHEISER Headphones. Not just because they kick butt. But the customer service is great. They fixed my HD500's for free even though they were well out of warrenty. This looks like a nice set. SENNHEISER HD555 PS NO USB
  14. I have had both the 165 and 185. I like the 185 better but it's not that much better than the 165 for the money. Prices on Opty's are comming down on 10-30-06.
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