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  1. AS bad this sounds try Costco/Price Club/Sam's... yes they are not great but I have seen some smoking deals on lower end stufvf like E-Machines?(Dunno if they are THAT bad) I mean Ihave a mom that used my old pc athlon xp 1800+ lol so I know what you mean when it doesn't have to be the best lol...Anways try there you might be able to find one cheap but its always hit and miss..
  2. FSP grp Blue Storm AX500-A is my PSU.... It's not "SLI Certified"... Does that neccesarily mean I cant run SLI on it? or it hasnt been tested... Wouldnt it matter more what the rails on it can support rather then a sticker? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Edit: I answered my own question about the chipset cooler.
  4. Is the Thermalright XP - 90C too heavy for Lanparty NF4 UT SLI-DR mobo?
  5. I'm just a little nervous I found my stepping and looked it up looks like some horror stories of not being able to get it above 2.4ghz stable Stepping is: CCBWE 0544XPMW Toledo
  6. Thanks for the great replies guys. I actually seem to have a very firm grasp on the overclocking of the processor and memory now...Of course I mean I'm not saying I know everything but I have formulated an attack plan for it lol. I think I can get it overclocked, of course not the the edge of th elimits but I also dont wanna push it to hard for my first time. Gonna try and get it stable and good temps @ abotu 2.5ghz...Also a friend of mine told me Tight Timings are better for gaming and for AMDs then higher frequency for RAM, so i'm prob gonna play with the divider for that so that I can tighten up the timings at the cost of some frequency...any thoughts?
  7. I have read the guides but I still need some help. Originally Posted by RGone..Converted to 939 by THunDA..hehe Ok I understand this. Ok please correct me if I am wrong...This is the speed of the memory when its set to the same Bus speed of the RAM sticks right? Ok so much of this makes no sense to me. First off, I have a X2 3800+ on a NF4...so is the HTT bus speed and DDR rating going to follow the same rules for a single core? Is it always going to be 2000HTT? or is it dependent on my chip? How do I find out the bus speed if it's different? and is the multiplier always 5 for NF4? I Isn't it already set to x5????? Ok how come it just went from 5, to 10 as default? I'm still not certain where the 200 FSB comes from is it listed on the chip? Ok now Im changing LTD/FSB to x3 But I thought it was 5? or 10? All processors run at 2000mhz? I thought they were different. My RAM right? I thought I changed RAM's FSB by changing timings to acheive higher DDR number? I kind of understand this...I see you are getting the 3x200 x2....So If I have DDR500 RAM, I would set it to 3x250 x2 = HTT bus speed of 1500? I still don't understand this x3 multiplier, and what happened to the x5 or x10 that's not important now? I know you are saying how can he be this dumb why doesn't he just search or read more...I have been trying to figure this out now for like 5-6 hours, everything I read assumes I know this already and have a firm grasp on it. I just need some clarification on it.
  8. Nother question - Do I need to wipe my Hardrive before I start Overclocking? or is it fine to just hit up bios, start working on it, get it stable, then head to the O/S or am I gonna run into probs?
  9. Ok this may sound like a stupid question, I am guessing, Memtest is already in the BIOS? That I do not need to DL and make a cd or something? THat's really awesome if that's how it is!!! Also, I was always told Rebooting the pc without like "shutting it down" is very bad for it...Is this only true from Windows or does it go the same for BIOS? IE I can just hit the Reset button on the mobo in BIOS and not mess anything up right?
  10. Yep! I have been reading it, I am in the process of Getting all the progs ready to throw on the the pc HEHE, only ones I got some questions about is How do i get memtest to run? I do it in DOS or in Windows? Do I need to put it on a floppy Disk and then set the floppy drive as the boot drive and run it that way after I have settings I wanna try? Also what does Everest do? Cant see to figure it out on their website all they talk about is what Lansys or w/e is LOL...
  11. Thank you I am going to give it a shot(my first time trying to do it!) When I get my RMA'd Mobo back next week, Gonna pick up a nicer heatsink and fan as well and rework wires for better airflow.... Even if I dont max out my OC It would be satisfying to push it a little bit beyond what it is stock I know it can take many many many days to get it working right, But that's not going to deter me!!
  12. Exactly how much life is taken out of your parts when you overclock? I am a college student and I can't buy all new parts every 2 years, But I did specifically buy this MoBo and parts because I knew that that had good potential for OC'ing...Any input would be appreciated, thanks. Edit: Add - How do I know what my stepping is I'm just seeing lots of people talk about it, when I run CPU-Z it says the stepping is 2, and most of yours all say 1...Does that mean I have a lemon *cry*
  13. Thanks guys I think what I will do is RMA it, AND order the new fan, Just to be on the safe side, like I said I don't want problems later down the road that I could avoid now On a side note If I'm replacing that I might also replace my CPU Heatsink and Fan....since Im using the stock one, Any Suggestions on a cheaper good one?(I dont have 100 dollars to blow on a hew heatsink and fan lol). thanks again. edit: ps. should i replace the one on my GFX card too? (xfx geforce 7800GT)
  14. How can i be sure the board is still working fine? and there isnt any longterm damage done to it that might rear its head in a couple weeks? how do I know that mabye the its not the fan but the connection from the mobo to the fan? thus forcing me to get a new mobo because theres no power from the mobo to the fan? lol sorry im a noob this is my frist rig i built myself so i dont know these things?
  15. I was playing EQ2 and I saw a flame inside my Computer around the chipset fan, and smelled what i beleive to be burning plastic/metal....Now the chipset fan doesn't spins o I think it must have shorted out or blown. I was going to RMA it tommorow morning to newegg(where i got it). But that could take a week or so I was curious what if I just bought a new chipset fan? would that fix it or do you thinkt heres already serious damage to the chipset itself? I mean im using the computer now....and was playing a game last nite and it worked ok so is it worth RMA'ing the whole mobo? if I got a new fan and put it in would the mobo still have damage done to it? It still smells kinda burny near my pc please help! thanks.
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