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  1. Hi guys, I need some help here on installing my new hitachi (sata) and plextor (sata) dvd over the existing SI3112A raid controller. Currently my setup: 2 x 36GB Raptor on raid 0 at sata 1 and sata 2 port in SI3112A controller. (On SI3112A because it is better performance than S3114) I have tried to install plextor dvd on the sata 3 and hitachi on sata 4 but it seems like I can't configure sata 1 and 2 on raid where sata 3 and 4 on normal sata. I also have this problem of booting from CD-ROM drive whenever I want to boot from CD like installing Win XP etc. Bios setting: Onboard raid = Enabled Raid Channels = Both Even I can boot and win xp detected successfully when I set this way, on the bootup it always try to pair up sata 3 and sata 4 as a raid with some warning notice like Invalid devide or Rom etc. Anyone can help? :confused:
  2. at auto 2.5 volts give me at 280mhz at 3-4-4-8
  3. Primary features C&Q not even working? hmm....Appreciate if their engineer is working for a solution. It been 3 mths since it was broken i suppose? Hope they dont fix on the their upcoming RD580 and left this board in the dust :nod:
  4. Set my bios for C&Q to auto (only have 'auto and 'disabled' )and installed amd cpu drivers and set the power saving to minimal still cannot seems to lower down my cpu mhz and voltage... It has been working fine with my DFI expert... Nevertheless anyone know the solution to it? I have reinstall a fresh copy of winxp sp2 but still doesnt work
  5. Recently has just moved from nvidia GFX to ATI gfx card and running 3dmark05, it seems that my DFI expert is slightly faster than my RDX200 with my X1800XT... Previous score is 10195 while after changing the board, it now drop till 9885. Everything remains the same even the drivers. Any reason why for the big drop of 300-400? I thgt the DFI RDX200 would works slightly better or at least on par with DFI Expert.... Hm any additional setting i can set to boost this card?
  6. Sorry for the late reply. Was on holiday. I am running at 1T and 3-4-4-8 and they are in orange slot. I am not sure if mine was handpicked because I won this ram from corsair. Stated date and year 255 using cpu-z 1.31.. not sure why. But they have passed memtest at 280 with auto setting for my ram at 2.8v using 12/7 expert bios
  7. I am using the same ram as yours and I have no problem running at 280mhz (all set to auto and at 2.80V)
  8. Great result. I manage to run at 2.8 after removing my IHS.. but i cant run anything like 1.5+V.. I need at least 1.62V to get it running prime without fail or boot to windows... Any idea why you need a lower voltage? My stepping is ADAxxxxxx and it is 0531xxxx. Should be using 110W toledo.
  9. Is your corsair ram running 1:1? some corsair value 2 x 1gb comes with uccc chip which allow 260-280mhz at 3-4-4-8 My X1800XT PE running at 10k on 3dmark05. SOmehow similiar config.
  10. some casing are not properly aligned to the pci slot and mb...
  11. I am running 2.6Mhz at idle 33 and load on 43. All these done at using 1.5V at 260 x 10. When I try to run 2.7, i set around 1.6-1.65v to get in started. My ambient room temp is 30-32 degree. :cool: And everything is on water. Reseat my block a few times with AS5. On air, I am getting 60 with stock cooler :nod:
  12. hmm i am currently at 2.6mhz (very stable)..and i cant go 2.7 on both cores... thr priming each individual core at 2.7 is not a problem for me....temp is abt mid 50+...any idea guys?
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