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  1. My PC wont POST when the ram is installed in the yellow slots...
  2. I think taking out the battery / changing the jumper will do the same?! He... actually everything should be fine and working properly here, but it isn't. Even the 2nd dfi ultra-d dislikes my two ballistix tracer sticks, which are working just fine on another board, so the ram should be in fact ok. I heard from many people that it's sometimes very tricky to get dfi boards to work as they should. Unless someone here has a deciding tip for me on how to get my ram (or the board) to operate properly, I'll wait for the UCCC which should arrive during the next week. I would be glad if everything works with the UCCC - If not, I'm possibly going to kill some people at DFI (Don't takt it as as personal insult - but I think everyone would feel pretty much angry when they bought two mainboards and a 2nd kit of ram, only two see that it still wont work...)
  3. Tried all settings which were posted here; no success. Should I try other BIOSes? I'm using 623-3 right now. And how to do a "clean" cmos reset? atm I do it by unplugging the power cord, taking out the battery and waiting about 3mins.
  4. You are not the only one who has strange issues with ram... My ballistix 2gb kit is running fine on a k8n neo2, but it simply wont run on my dfi nf4 ultra-d. I tried almost everything Seems to be a common problem... now I have two dfi nf4 ultra-d boards here and none of them is working with my ram. ATM I'm thinking of selling those boards and switch over to Asus/MSI/Abit....
  5. They wont run at 200mhz either. I began all my testing with 200mhz (of course), and after nothing helped, in my desperation I set the frequency to 100mhz ... @Sharp, thanks, but already tried those settings. And as if I had not got enough misfortune, the samsung uccc were marked as "in stock", but actually the shop has no uccc in stock (they are awaiting a new delivery)... so I wont get new ram before monday. atm everything sucks :sad:
  6. Oh no, please don't tell that has something to with any settings. That's what everyone tells me but it has nothing do with it! I tried almost everything... single channel, dual channel, running only one of both sticks (yes, 2x1gb kit), trying another bios, rising vdimm, relaxing timings... You are not going to tell me it has something to do with settings when my ram fails to pass memtest when operating at 100 (hundred!) mhz, 3338 timings, 2.8vdimm, do you? The ram is supposed to operate at 250mhz, but it wont do so, in none of my two dfi ultra-d boards. My question is: Why is this ram failing on dfi (nf4), but working on msi (nf3)?
  7. Yes, they were! But this time it was the only 2GB kit interesting for overclockers. Now there are so much other, and so much better rams out there... ocz, mushkin, gskill... no reason to buy crucial any more.
  8. I would be happy if my crucials were running fine at stock speed on my dfi board. But they are not. And of course, overclocking includes some risk. But it's interesting that so many people got so big problems with crucial, isn't it? Do you see any threads like "ocz ram gone bad"....with dozen of people having the same problem? I don't. And, even more interesting: A shop in germany now stopped selling crucial ram because of the high RMA rates!
  9. I would be glad if anyone can explain me this. It's just incredible weird: I own to 1GB ballisix tracer ddr500. They were running fine on my msi k8n neo2, 250mhz, 1t, 2.8v. Last week I got a dfi nf4 ultra-d. On this board the ram is producing loads of errors even when operating at only 100mhz - Ok, I tried the ram on my old neo2 again - and everything was ok. So I bought a new ultra-d and... the same again! Errors, errors, errors! ...Running fine on a k8n neo 2 - not operating properly even under specification on a dfi nf4 ultra-d. What the hell is going on here? I ordered some samsung uccc, hope they will perform better. But it would be nice if someone could explain me this strange behaviour of the ballistix. Furthermore, there are threads about ballistix on dfi in other forums, too, for example here (a german one): http://www.forumdeluxx.de/forum/showthread.php?t=158996 There are even sume rumors that dfi mainboards are killing memory (especially crucial-rams). Something true about that? But even if that's the case.. WHY are my two sticks running fine on an other board?! (If of interest, the batch-no. of my crucial ram is CL11159.5V)
  10. Ok i'll try your settings tomorrow. But i wonder whether this will help. I mean... running ONE stick at 100mhz (that's 150mhz *below* specification!) with timings of 3338 produces 20+ errors in less than one minute in memtest. I don't think that's normal, is it?
  11. Hi, my two 1gb ballistix ddr500 were running fine at 250mhz / 1t on a k8n neo2 for months. Now I got a dfi nf4 ut ultra-d and even at 100mhz memtest is throwing out bunches of errors. No matter in which slot I put them (1/3 or 2/4), I get those errors. Even with one stick it doesn't work. Tried two corsair valueselect 512mb sticks (which are running just fine in my pentium4 system) - and... same result. error, error, error! Tried two matched corsair vs 512mb sticks - working (at least two memtest passes). So what's going on here? I already ordered a new board and a new cpu, but maybe I'm just missing something? And of course, vdimm is set to 2.8v...
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