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  1. I know, seriously. I understand the need for concern about it, but it doesnt look to me like the new cores without IHS are really all that different from the old XP cores. And with XP's everyone was using clip on's. Sure a few were chipped but the vast majority did just fine. I probably used clip on's about 20 times with those and never had a single problem. Folks here are making it sound like you are guaranteed to destroy your Proc if you use clip-on. Sure it would suck if it happened but it seems pretty unlikely if you are careful, at least based on my experiences with the XP's. I just went to the pharmacy and got some Dr. Scholl's corn pads. I was going to cut them up and put them ont he PCB for padding - like the old h/s's used to come with. I was planning on trying this soon, but now the data isnt really showing any significant gains with IHS removal for dual core opterons and it will be harder to sell with the IHS off so I am having second thoughts...
  2. Well just in case anyone is actually interested I tried a few things. 1.) Set Vid to 1.5 in BIOS Measured Idle Vcore - exactly 1.500 CPU-Z reported Vcore - 1.456 Measured Load Vcore - 1.530 CPU-Z reported Vcore - 1.456 2.) Set Vid to 1.45 (+104% special sauce) - supposedly delivers 1.508V based on the chart. Measured Vcore - 1.495 CPU-Z reported Vcore - 1.456 (didnt do load with those settings) Conclusion: 1.) Idle voltage is exactly what is set in the bios, load voltages were 0.03V higher. 2.) Reported voltages in software are not worth a squirt of piss. 3.) Yes, the board overvolts, but only during load...which IMHO is a good thing
  3. Have there actually been any reports of chipped cores with clip on's, or is this all assumption? I mean, heck, I used clip on's all the time with the old XPs with their bare cores and just those little round foam pads that you stuck onto the PCB and I never chipped a core. That was the standard and recommended way to cool those chips...even with their bare cores.
  4. Thanks nomad. This quote from the guide disturbs me somewhat: "If you don't know what you are doing you will probably "dork" your rig." Well I dont exactly know what "dorking" a rig is, but it sounds unpleasant. Generally the prospect of "dorking" things appeals to me but in this case I'm just not sure. And I certainly don't know what I am doing. I did just blow $30 on a digital multi-meter though - but i'm pretty sure that does not make me an expert. How hazardous is it really to go sticking a multimeter in a running computer?....and should I have my pants on or off while doing this? Is protection necessary?
  5. Ok i bought a multimeter. Could you direct me to the post that guides you on how to check your actual voltages?
  6. When I set Vcore in BIOS to 1.5, CPU-z reads 1.45. I am currently overclocking and Opty 165 (0547) to 2.655 and my load temps are 40C with an XP-90 and air (dual prime). I'm finding it hard to believe that i could be at 1.5V and be peaking under load at 40C... But yet i hear everyone saying that the Lanparty under reports its voltage, meaning I might actually be higher than 1.5? Someone help here. What have you observed? What is my safety zone?
  7. Great thread here somewhere about removing the IHS. Most people are shocked at how well the laggard core pickes up after the IHS is off. I am gonna try this eventually.
  8. OK, tried all those things. Used all the settings suggested by OCZ rep. Underclocked my video. I even took my Mushkin Level 1 Black out of my other computer and put it in here...surprise, surprise...no POST. Even after CMOS clear. Jeez. I've never seen any other motherboard in 20+ years of computer building that is this finicky with memory. No wonder 50% of the posts on this forum are "I can't get this damn board to run" posts. Unless anyone else has anything to add its RMA time. OCZ rep recommended settings: In Genie Bios 200 auto 16 16 auto 100 disable 1.425v 1.300V above VID 110% 1.20v 1.50v 2.7V DRAM Config 200 enable 2 3 8 2 10 16 2 3 2 3 1168 auto (704-2BT bios does not have this setting) enabled auto 0 Level 8 (normal 4 in 704-2BT bios) Level 2 8ns normal 6ns 256 disable 16 04 disable
  9. Well nothing in this post has helped me. How about you? I'm gonna give it another day or two then it's off to Epox land. I just want to be able to play a game without crashes. I dont think that's too much to ask from a high end mobo.
  10. Well that sounds pretty good and I'll look into it, I also have the N516. However, I am getting Prime95 blend errors too. the small and long FFT tests run great but blend goes berserk after an hour or so...borks the whole system requiring a reboot. This would seem to be a problem with the memory interface and not so much the video card. The OCZ forum had no specific information about my memory. Odd since it is the number 1 rated memory for this specific motherboard (with regard to stability) - according to an admin post I read here.
  11. So I have read through all the threads here on random crashes. I have memtested both sticks individually for 8 hours each in slot 1. Everything is at optimized defaults except the memory which is cranked down to the most stable possible settings (based on recommendations from articles here). Today I just used one stick of RAM, Disabled Command per Clock, and ran Prime blend and it still crashed after 1 hour. No overclock, everything at default. Not sure where to go from here.
  12. I have that exact same problem. I am trying to troubleshoot it now. I dont have the time to run all the 100's of hours of tests people are recommending prior to my RMA expiring. Might just ahve to return the board... :'(
  13. You will not get any O/C out of those chips. OCZ recommends no higher than 205 and 2.7V for them...pretty weak.
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