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  1. I've lost 3 boards now with the 4 led fault, My last board was tested fine at the supplier, when I got it home, it was showing the 4 led fault. I've switched to the Asus A8R32-MVP now, can't cope wit hthe unreliability of these boards.
  2. Tried that, I'm using ps2 mouse and keyboard, I ahve tried using just 1 stick of ram, (had ram, processor, graphics card, & power supply tested) Infact, I spent nearly 18 hours trying every possible combination available, still 4led's! I ended up ringing DFI in the netherlands, and found out that this is a very common fault with this board. Apparently, It needs returning to DFI (at your own cost!!!) to have the EEPROM re-flashed! (well that's what the guy at DFI told me) So I opted to return the board back to aria, that alone cost me £19 in poatage, so imagine what it would cost to send it to the netherlands!!! I just wish now that I had simply RMA'd it in the first place then I wouldn't have had to spend 2 weeks using this old p3 600 that is sooooo slow!!! Thanks guys for your help.
  3. I have just bought a new DFI Lanparty UT RDX200 CF-DR along with a Sapphire Radeon X850 Crossfire Edition Master Card. I assembled everything, installed WinXP, rebooted then the board was dead. All I get is 4 LED's. No output to monitor at all. I have tried different processor, ram, graphics card, (and tried my items on another board ~ they all work fine.) all I can think it is the board. Cannot get into BIOS to check anything. The board is a Rev A03 Is there anything I can do or is it a RMA? My set up is as follows: DFI Lanparty UT RDX200 CF-DR Sapphire Radeon X850 Crossfire Edition Master Card Athlon x2 4200 3 dvd drives (1 read 2 write) 2x maxtor 300gb SATA 1x maxtor 200gb SATA 5 case fans Crossflow fan Zalman cooler Antec Truepower 580w PSU etc... Any help would be greatly appreciated...... Thanks CDPdesign.
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