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  1. Just when I think I've gotten it I read and get confused again. I have my rig running stable at 2.9 with a divider of 150. As far as I remember the idea is to get you front side bus going as fast as possible. So my question would be is a rig running at 2.9 at 1:1 memory faster since both are ar 2.9, make sense. It probably is but will I notice, in my mind I don't think so. Can some one please enlighten me.
  2. Remember what the Video Industry said about AGP and how it was going to die a quick death, hasn't happened, not enough people moving forward to new computers. The console is helping that out I believe. MIcrosoft might do the same and see how many people move forward, and if its slow the Gaming Industry might put some pressure on Microsoft to port Dx10 over to XP.
  3. In ie7 ,shut off the anti-phishing. Hows this for snooping by MS. When you go to a site, your directed to a MS server to see if the site your visiting is on their database, then you get the go ahead if its OK if its not then you will get a warning. I believe in Firefox it installs a text file with known phishing sites which is much faster. In Vista their is 2 ver. of Ie7 one loaded up with bloat ware that slows your trip on the net and one that is, as far as I know totally clean of any garbage other then for browsing and speed wise its different then night and day.The Icon even says "Internet Explorer(No add ons) ".
  4. Now that Vista is out, is their a way of being able to get the message out that the hot fixes are for xp or Vista or both. This way I don't have to ask the ? Is this for Vista also or has it been fixed already. I've switched completely over to Vista and it would really be helpful.
  5. C:windowsexplorer.exe /n,/e,c: Put whatever letter you want at the end for what ever folder you want, been using this for years.
  6. Do as ah_khoo say's, I accidently loaded the onboard drivers with my audigy and had a lot of problems, so I reinstalled the 6.70 and left audio out , and the system is fine. ? the 6.70 from nvidia when loading says that some of the drivers are not WHQL certified, on their site its says 6.70 is.
  7. This business of the timing at 2 or 2.5 doesn't really mater does it . I thought I read that the Dfi boards don't like the halfs and round up to the next whole interger so 2.5 gets adjusted to 3 without you knowing, or that might have been for a different timing. In's in the forum somewhere.
  8. Yes I did, I went from 215 stock 2 3 2 5 to 230 2 3 2 5 . Right now I'm running 245 at 200 so I can run it with out using the devider at 3 3 3 8. Still experimenting. At 245 the way it is I can game without a hicup. At 250 I get a burp in gaming. So I really can't complain with this memory. By the way I can't seem to get 180 devider working, 200 or 166 is fine. Anyone having problems with the 180 devider?
  9. Heres something to think about. Awhile back I bought some 1 gig Corsair on sale and got snookered by the AD. It stated I would get 2 2 2 5, so I jumped on it. Put it in my PC and it wouldn't work. It would only work with 2.5 2 2 5. Went back to the site and there in small print further down was a disclaimer, that the 2 2 2 5 was for Intel chips only and if you owned an AMD the memory would only work at 2.5 2 2 5. I live in Canada and ordered these from the USA and it wasn't cost effective to ship them back. That experience will stay with me when I buy memory sticks. Just something to think about.
  10. Sorry but why are you charging so much when I bought mine at NCIX for 280 canadian plus tax. I have no problems getting 3 on mine. That would male it roughly 250 American. Oh shoot I forgot it's what ever the market can bare. I should mind my own bussiness sorry I'll just leave.
  11. We can reccomend anything , its what ever YOUR system is capable of doing, only you will know when you start to experiment with your settings.
  12. The first time it happened I was lucky xp asigned video and sound to Irq 9 so I was able to disable 9 in the bios and rebooted and xp reasigned the hard ware, then I enabled 9 and all hardware was happy including me. My wife tells me I should write down all my fixes so the next time it happens I'm not scratching my head saying" shoot I know i fixed this problem 10 yrs ago.
  13. Well I'm pretty close to your hardware except, Ahem video,. As of now everything runs fine including games, mostly Battlefield 2, I figure if my system can run it steady for hours with out crashing I'm OK. When I get bored later I might see what else the system can do. HNYear. All I can say is with the settings I have as of now its stable, anything above 280Fsb Far cry crashes with a memory notice, so I backed it down to 275, I need to learn some more on memory timings, or find some one else with my setup. It sure takes time if you want to experiment. One digit either way can be a keeper or a loser on an O/C.
  14. See if you have your onboard audio in your bios turned on. By the way, just put together another system for a customer, same as my sig, board (bios 623),same memory, x1800xl video card, same cpu, new XFI sound card, and the rig is running fine. So what do we have here in common that causes a hit and miss with the new XFI.
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