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  1. How can there be not enough information posted to show similarities between the problems when I'm describing the same problem in my thread. Also,you are giving the same solutions that people gave me in my thread.
  2. I'm having the exact same problem, look at my thread there are some recomendations there http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=61248 If you find an easier way to fix this plz post it I don't like messing a lot with hard because I'm afraid I might brake something.
  3. Well i was looking at my mobo setup and found out that when I bought my pc the one who build it forgot to plug the 4 pin molex connector and the 4 pin mini-drive connector. So as the floppy was to far away i had to remove the power from the floppy and put it in the 4 pin mini-drive only. When i pluged them both i tried to start the pc with the floppy data connector but it just wouldn't start. At first the power led just kept blinking and later when I pressed insert after turning it on it just went off a little while after. I also think it had the amber led on and 3 red leds in the mobo. Any suggestions?
  4. How can i make a clean install if i can't get the cd to boot? (I'm really sorry for all this questions but I'm just starting to learn a little bit about computers and don't like to mess a lot with the hardware because it was hard for me to buy this pc that's why I want to make sure I have all the info in case I do something bad and ran into more serius problems)
  5. I can't get the any windows installation disk to boot. It reaches the screen where it says press any key if you want to boot from CD, I press it and the screen turns blank and nothing else happens. After a little while it stops reading the CD.
  6. It's he same. Can't get it to pass the blank screen. I've tried knoppix and it boots up all right and under Fedora I can work al right. Also windows boots up but gets stuck after it says that is missing some dlls.
  7. There is no mem problem, i forgot to upgrade the date of my current bios in my signature, now is the real one. I think it migh have something with some bios setting because i've ried several windows version and the all lock up when booting installation.
  8. Well #5 passed with absoluely no errors and so far #8 is on 10 passes and no errors.
  9. How do i run memtest from bios? i have never used it..
  10. No, but im using linux with no problem, and havent reboot for like 1 day. Also have been using many apps at the same time and no problem here.
  11. Two days ago y tryied to upgrade to sp2 downloading the full 266 mb install from MS page. It installed ok but in the end when it said click finalize to reboot the computer or something like that it hang up. I rebooted the computer and it run disk check and started duplicating files that were cross referenced until it filled the disk i have windows currently installed. Then i tried to enter windows and it didnt let me so i cleared some space from linux and it entered but it complained about a missing dll for lsass. At first i tried to fix the install but now it had sp2 so i couldnt with the original cd. So i got a new xp cd with sp2 integrated and bootable. I set the bios to boot the cd and when i booted from it the screen just went blank and even after waiting half an hour nothing. I tried the same with 2 different xp copies so thats not the problem. Any idea how can i get to install xp or what's the problem?.
  12. I can't get the computer to boot, so I can't install sp2
  13. well I couldn't get the CMOS clear so I am taking it to get it fix. As they told me on the phone I probably have a corrupt BIOS. Thanks to everybody anyway.
  14. Yeah.. probably because my friend told to ask about my problem in this forum so probably he also took that solution from here. From Tmod's CD which is the BIOS that goes with my system the ultra infinity or ultra-b?
  15. Ok I'm trying the 8 hour clear because none of the other worked, what I want to know is if an usb keyboard with a ps2 adapter is ok or I need a full ps2 keyboard for the last resort method? Also how can I know which BIOS is best for my machine I have been reading several posts but I don't know. Is there anywhere a guide for newbies for flashing the BIOS? Thanks for the help.
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