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  1. i quote the question someone have tested this bios for expert version? the 7/12 bios is good for overclock over 300mhz of bus with ram 1:1 ?
  2. i see that there is a release of 704bta for the sli-dr expert motherboard. this run good like the ultra-d/sli-dr motherboard or not? for overclocking witch tccd ram, what's the best bios?
  3. the fx are certificated at 2-2-2-5 and on sli-dr work well. what should i try? i don't understand your last phrase
  4. I try to use 4 dimms of Gskill FX on my new DFI sli-dr Expert but i can't work never, only with ALL in AUTO the system work well, but in auto the ram work at 170mhz, not at 200mhz. http://img44.imageshack.us/my.php?image=12...052024015sa.jpg if i use the ram at 200mhz 2-2-2-5 T2 the system fail the boot (it don't arrive at backup cmos) i change my mainboard from sli-dr to expert to use 4 dimms in T1, but not even in T2 the system work well. i use also a 4000+ San Diego like cpu but the problems remaining Please help me
  5. damn... i have sold my fantastic sli-dr because i wanted to use 4 dimms at 300mhz... i have bought the sli-dr expert and i can't boot over 265mhz... also I have the welding my revision is A03 and this is the welding IMAGE SIZE
  6. which bios can i use for best performance with my 2gb of Gskill FX? i have problems with whichever timings to exceed 265mhz of bus.
  7. i try the 704bta and the 623-3 official and i find the same result. thank you for the answer
  8. Hi to all, i'm a new user, nice to meet you I have a question. Which bios is the best for my configuration? (see signature) I think about 704 bta, but it is based on a dfi bios for bh-5/utt, it's right? today i use the official 623, but i want more :nod:
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