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  1. well if you are going to use the DFI LANPARTY UT NF590 SLI-M2R/G AM2 board .look at my sig .i have the same board .so you will know what works good.mine have been running good from the beginning.i allways build mine out side the case then screw it down to the case.
  2. hi all i need a SLI BRIDGE for a DFI LANPARTY UT NF590 SLI-M2R/G AM2 board. can any one tell me were to get one.i tryed google but no luck
  3. ill post back on sunday to update every one on this topic...my buddy just orderd the same board...i still think its the board senor... p.s.viper john im running two rad in the loop with just the wb for the video cards,with one rad in between them.then i got one loop for my north and south brig.my cpu is chilled with coolits freezone chiller..all rad are swiftech dual 120 rads
  4. lol....i am talking about the temps of the diode on the video cards not the temp of my water loop.there are people getting 10c on there video cards using the mcw60-t.
  5. thats what i think it is..maybe when the price comes down on the board ill buy another one.
  6. did it...same temps...tryed 2 differnt bios too
  7. if no one else is posting about there cards it leaves me to say its my motherboard going bad....
  8. i got 2 120 fans blowing on them. thats the temps at a idle.18c and 39c.at load in bf2142 21c and 50c
  9. in a way thats cool to know.....how hot tho...my 2nd one runs 29c hotter
  10. nope its hot as hell in my house. motherboard bios is 7/23/i think.its the one after the board came out..temp programs i used are nvidas and EVEREST Ultimate Edition.and i have not flashed the cards yet
  11. nothing wrong when u use the mcw60-t from swiftech....help or dont post
  12. hi all i bought two 8800 gtx with my DFI LANPARTY UT NF590 SLI-M2R/G and i notice that my cards are running 2 differnt temps.top pcie slot is running at 18c.and the bottom one is 39c.but no matter witch one i put in slot 2 it runs at 39c..is this my board or do i need to flash the cards bios.drivers? any help would be nice...thx teddy
  13. thx bro..il try the drivers from the site 1st then if not ill try the nlite cd..thx teddy p.s.i tryed every thing else
  14. hey all the story is that i had to format my computer and now when it go's to boot in to windows for the 1st time it throws a blue screen.i have tryed 6 differnt sets of raid drivers and no hope.it never did this b4.iam running at stock settings.no over clocking..............plz help thx teddy
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