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  1. What's the stepping and code your cpu? Thanks
  2. Thanks a lot. Truely appreciated. I'm going to test it along with another bios over the next couple days.
  3. LDT voltage was/is big for me. When I had my Opteron 148 at 3000 mhz, the eventual key was the LDT voltage. Only changing the LDT voltage this is what happened: 1.2volts= Prime 95 error 10 mins 1.3volts= prime 95 error 45 mins 1.4volts= prime 95 error 2 hours 1.5volts= prime 95 error usually after 10 plus hours.. like 15. So in my case the key was the LDT voltage. People will tell you it doesn't do anything, but it has always helped for me.
  4. So this is basically the 704-2BTA with added support for the FX-60? Someone host it up, I'll try it out. Or you can email it me at [email protected] Not a very good idea to post your e-mail in a public forum unless you really, really want to receive advertisements on products that claim will enlarge your manhood 5,000%. -AceGoober I'll test it out vs. the 704-2BTA with TCCD at DDR 600 and post some results. Thanks Indyxc
  5. Any update on this? I applaud you guys for making these modded bioses. DFI should pay you guys as you make their product 10x better.
  6. Finally found this thread. From what it seems there a high demand for the FX-60 704-2BTA bios. I just picked up an FX-60 (haven't gotten it yet), but soon realized I need to run the FX-60 Test bios to get it run. What bios is the FX-60 Test based on? 623-3? Reason I ask, is the 704-2BTA works 10x better with my TCCD that the 623-3, so I'd love to see a FX-60 704-2BTA. :dog: So, if I run the Fx-60 with the 704-2BTA it just won't recognize the cpu properly, but everything else will be ok? I guess I can live with that for now.
  7. Hey guys, I modified my stock bracket for cpus without IHS, and now I'll be running a cpu with the IHS. Anyone want to sell me their stock DFI 939 bracket? The yellow one around the cpu for an SLI-D, so I'm thinking all the 939s DFI boards are probably the same. Thanks Indyxc
  8. Bump, still can't find the difference between them. If someone knows, please let me know. I'm looking for the best bios for TCCD memory.
  9. Reading this I've got a question, searched around no luck What's the difference between 704-2BTa and the 704-2BT without the A? Thanks Indyxc
  10. Yeah, 3 doesn't work for me. Won't even boot . I've been tweaking it all afternoon. It always crashes around 3.5 hours. 5 times now. The odd thing is I tried different custom tests with different test times, and regardless it crashed 3 hours in. Why not 2, why not 4? 5? I'm going to work on better cooling for the chipset and see if that helps. But at this point I've totally run out of ideas. I'm thinking of trying the 704-BTA (?) bios, which seems to work well for most people. I always get the unique problems.
  11. Well, I tweaked a few more things, but it's failing around the 3.5 to 4 hour mark. Same rounding error each time, different tests though. I'm thinking maybe the motherboard is the problem? I searched around and rarely has anyone had issues with increasing LDT voltage (some but not many), where for me in makes the biggest single difference to run the Mem 1:1 Should I just be happy with 3.5 hours prime blend stable? It never crashes in anything else, but I want it to be 100% prime stable.
  12. An update: Some more sucess I still haven't given up. I flashed it to the 623 bios today, and worked around with that. Definantly more stable. I noticed 2.9v is the sweet spot for memory. Any more and it fails prime 95 in 10 mins or less. I also noticed the LDT voltage make a big difference in stability. On the lower settings prime fails 30 mins or so. On the 2nd to highest 2 hours. On the highest LDT it made it 3 hours, and I was getting excited. It looped one whole test starting at 8k to 4096k in prime. I was getting certain it was stable. 3hr 45 mins in boom, failed a test it had passed already. DAM YOU, WHY MUST YOU TEASE ME. So the issue has been the bios, and especially the LDT voltage. The chipset voltage is at the 2nd lowest, so I might work with that. Put 3hrs 45 min Prime stable is pretty good in my book. Maybe I'll just take it. Can I somehow cool anything else related to the LDT? Increased LDt voltage raised my PWMIC voltage. Might that help? Anyone notice chipset voltage helped them? So close, need 1 more small change and I'm there! Thanks
  13. The videocard problem could of been, because you were running the 102 PCI express bus. I'd just leave it at 100. To check your cpu stepping, the only way to do so, is remove the heatsink, and look at the top of the processor. Here are some suggestions I'd try. Trying using a whole number for your LDT multiplier like 3x. Since you have an Opteron 148, set the multiplier to 11x so you can use lower HTT. Try raising both the chipset voltage and the LDT voltage 1 notch above stock. Indyxc
  14. Hello, welcome to the forums. To test for stability, I suggest downloading prime 95, and running it in blend mode. As far as not being able to run Super PI, that's odd if It runs OCCT ok, but what are your Dram settings? All auto? If that is the case, it is possible that some of your memory timings are off. As far as temps, I concluded that their is a disparity between temps for opterons based on the steppings. But I would first, reinstall the HSF to make sure that isn't the problem. How much AS5 did you apply? Is your 148 a CABYE 0543? What voltage are you running it at?
  15. Sorry to polute your thread, but I have the exact same stepping 148, and noticed you were running the 704-BTA bios. Did you notice any increase in stability with that bios? Thanks
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