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  1. I have the same cpu, you shoudlnt have much trouble getting 2.9 or so out of it. I know I can go to 3.0 or more but dont want to increase voltage anymore. Im happy where its at and also rock solid stable
  2. strange I have this exact same problem booting into xp32. I'll try disconnecting my benq dvd burner and see what happens. It never gives me a bsod when I boot into xp64 though
  3. it will run fine without anything plugged into the cpu fan header. as for your second question, yes; however I dont connect the rpm sensor so the fan runs at full speed all the time
  4. mine has never gone over 39 on full load at current specs. 55 does seem a bit high, but your are running your voltage a bit steep i think
  5. So I've seen alot of people talking about running 2 or 3 instances of prime simultaneously. is this really neccesary or just a way of doing a "super" torture test on the cpu
  6. I have this same problem intermittantly, maybe 1 boot in 10 it will BSOD and reboot the system. Strangely enough, It has never done this whenever I try to boot xpx64, just the 32bit version. not that big of a problem, more like a minor annoyance in an otherwise stable system
  7. thanks, i'll know in a day or so
  8. just wondering how far I can push this cpu before I should start to worry. Currently running at 2.9ghz ~1.44volts. If prime craps out at this voltage Id' rather not have to push it any further If it can be avioded. Rock solid stable at 2.8 and 1.41v.
  9. which is the best torture test setting for prime when testing an OC?? or does it even matter??
  10. are there any special procedures to undertake before flashing a new bios or can I just boot off the cd and go??
  11. trying to trouble shoot why my pc will fail to boot into windows roughly 2 or 3 times in 10. It will flash a BSOD too quick to read whats on it and then reboot sometimes more than once before it will get into windows. I ran memtest86 for about 5h:45min and it showed 2 errors after 8 passes or so. im not overclocking and the only real change i made was up the ram to 2.7v (shows 2.78 in bios for some reason) what gives here??
  12. The heatsink fan is supposed to turn off. Dont worry, it will spin back up once the core temp rises a bit. Same thing happened to me, I thought the cpu was going to burn up
  13. Just wondering here, but sisoft always reports the idle cpu temp at around 45 celsius or so, but the bios always puts it around 35. Which one is correct? Im more inclined to beleive the bios
  14. make sure you have the latest bios (623) ready to flash before you do anything. I think you can burn these onto a bootable cd and flash that way. Once your into windows, donwload the latest chipset drivers from nvidias site
  15. Im lost here. also, how do I find memtest86 on this board??
  16. it does come on immediately then stops after a second or 2
  17. I get the dram power light and what looks like 1 amber light at the bottom. the panaflo just came with 2 stripped wires and a crappy 3 pin adapter. So the cpu fan should come on after a while??
  18. Just completed this build as listed, upon first boot everything seems to power up, I get the dfi slash screen and then the cpu fan stops. I immediatly turned off the system of course. Is this supposed to happen?? the panaflo only has 1 red and 1 black wire, the yellow is for rpm correct? the 3 pin adapter included with the fan has the yellow wire, not sure whats up
  19. is it possible to do this and run all your case fans off 1 12v connector from the power supply?
  20. I have the thermaltake tsunami dream with a few case fans pre-installed. most of these have the 3 pin connector as well as a 4 pin molex. can I use only the 3 pin to power them? its a pita to find molex connections for all these fans
  21. Should I spread it all over the die or just a small dab in the center??
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