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  1. How so? 11x multi or drop the divider further...
  2. dual prime? its not an X2 if thats what you mean. its prime stable 27hrs at 2.85 but I just cant get it stable much further than that. I think I may have hit the limits of this chip?
  3. Trying to get my 4000+ stable at 2.95ghz, priming right now. So far has topped out at 47 celsius under load, just wondering if 1.55v is too high or should I be happy with 2.85
  4. Is the OEM stuff on there new or resold?? btw the JDM means Japanese Domestic Market, like when you buy parts for your car that were imported from Japan you say they are JDM. Supposed to be better since they are coming right from the source. not really sure why I picked it, kind of a silly little thing from my f&f ricer days. thankfully I've grown up from that :nod:
  5. Well, I've put my sandy 4000+ up for sale but cant decide what to replace it with. I can get the x2 for $350cad vs $400 for the opty, but Im not sure if the extra l2 cache is worth the additional $50. yes I know about the overclocking potential of the opteron, I'm not looking for a 3ghz monster here either. honestly i'd be happy with 2.6 ghz. who can weigh in here?
  6. as soon as I can sell my sandy 4000+ my question is will I need to re-install windows or can I just drop the new processor in no questions asked?
  7. this is my sweet spot, prime stable 27hrs. i can get it relatively stable at 2.9ghz with slightly higher voltage but prime crapped out after 12 hours or so
  8. its a seperate piece that comes in the box, meant to be optional if you are using your own sound card (and should be)
  9. I realize the best gains with these units are yeilded by running a raid array, but on its own it should still be able to run circles around my 250gb sata2 correct?? HD Tach put the burst speed on the raptor running xp64 at rougly 125mb/s and the 250gb at 175mb/s. does this sound right??
  10. As you guys know the modstream has a dedicated 6 pin line to power sata devices. it also came with another cable that has the standard molex 4pin on one end that splits into 2 sata power connectors on the other. does it really matter which one I use to power my hard drives?? the 6pin cable is just not long enough
  11. I may be swapping out my older modstream in favor of this unit simply because it should allow me to more effectively manage the cables in the case. Call me anal, but I want a spotelessly clean case with no visible wires. Will the cables on this unit be long enough to allow me to do this??
  12. true, I originally got my modstream because of the modular cables but they are way too stiff to hide them anywhere in the case. I might be selling it and picking up a powerstream to clean up a little clutter in my case
  13. im rock solid a 2.9 right now. anything more results in instability although its probably just a question of more voltage to hit 3.0
  14. thats what I thought, never did get an answer. doesnt really seem to make a difference to my oc either way
  15. you have to have a 24 pin or it will not work.... period
  16. there isnt anything wrong with 3dmark06, you video card is woefully underpowered thats all. As far as your OC goes, check my sig, you should be able to hit at least 2.8 on that chip without too much trouble considering your water cooled
  17. Make sure you are running the latest cat 6.2 drivers as they offer massive improvements for the x1800/x1900 series. I nearly broke 9k in 05 on my x1800xl :nod:
  18. If I read that right you only lifted the lever that secures the cpu to the socket. the heatsink must be removed first before you do that.
  19. I thought the ldt setting auto adjusts on the ultra-d and there is no real need to manually set it? works for me that way at least
  20. check out the tsunami dream, its a beautiful looking case in black, also alot of people here go with the thermalright xp-90 and a panaflo 92mm fan for cpu cooling. it is an awesome performing combo, at sig settings, mine has never gone over 39 degrees celsius at full load 27hrs straight.
  21. I love my Ultra-D, probably the best choice if your not planning on sli, even so you can mod it if you wish
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