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  1. my board wont run any divider between 100-150 once the fsb aproaches 275 or so. just the way it is. If I want to hit 3.0ghz I'll need to buy some better ram that will clock higher on one of the dividers that does work
  2. Yeah, this ram was never that great for oc'ing anyhow, I was going to pick some XTC Gold PC4000, seems like quite a few 165 owners in the database are hitting 3ghz with the help of this stuff
  3. strange problem with this setup, the board will not post using the 140 divider at an FSB higher than 275 or so. in order to hit 2.8 ghz(312 fsb) I must use the 150/ which puts the ram at its absolute limit at 235mhz. In other words If i want to try and clock it higher, I must drop the divider further, but Anything between 100-150 and the board does not post.:confused:
  4. I wouldnt go much higher than 50c under load, I know my chip can hit 3ghz but wont even try it till I have a decent wc setup
  5. what exactly does this do on a WC setup and do I absolutlely need one? I'm rouding up my parts list, this is what I have so far: BLOCK: http://www.memoryexpress.com/index.php?Pag...uctID=7763&SID= PUMP: http://www.memoryexpress.com/index.php?Pag...uctID=7765&SID= RAD: http://www.memoryexpress.com/index.php?Pag...uctID=7753&SID= RESERVOIR: http://www.memoryexpress.com/index.php?Pag...uctID=8583&SID= or http://www.memoryexpress.com/index.php?Pag...uctID=8584&SID= opinions??
  6. uhh... you have to update the drivers from logitech's site, if there are any newer versions.
  7. What kind of temps are you guys hitting under load?? for me anything over 2.85 and 1.41v needs a large vcore increase to stabilize. right now im hitting around 50c under load
  8. I have the same stepping 165 as you and managed 2.7ghz on stock vcore without a sweat, 2.8 on as little as 1.38v.
  9. Hitting maybe 41c under load at listed settings
  10. So is it a better idea to just run OCCT instead of priming for an insanely long time to reveal any instabilities?
  11. just finished dual priming for 18 hours straight, no errors. OCCT crashed 15 minutes into the 1/2hr test. Is my rig truly unstable or is prime simply unreliable in this instance?
  12. Should be easy to install and maintain, basically looking for something that can help me hit 3.0 ghz with this chip under reasonable temperatures.
  13. generally speaking, which is the better one to shoot for when oc'ing??. I can hit 2.8ghz easily but have to run an ugly 1/2 divider which kills the ram bandwidth @4800mb/s. or, I can run a 150 divider which limits my maximum cpu oc at 2.475ghz but restores the full memory bandwidth at just over 6000mb/s. Which is the better compromise or do I just need better ram??
  14. what kind of memory divider are you guys running, also any other settings that could help
  15. I wouldnt even know where to start with that stuff
  16. with a 1/2 divider on the memory I seem to be maxing out at 312 fsb which is good for 2.8ghz. Not bad but I want to know if there is something else I can do to maximize this
  17. just booted at 300*9 no problem, not sure what I did though
  18. because it wont go any higher than 270 on a 150 divider and any lower dividers cause the sytem to not boot
  19. Currently stuck at 270*9 on a 150 divider which is good for 2.4ghz. Problem is, the system doesnt seem to want to boot at anything less than the 150 divider and the ram is pretty much maxed already? not sure what to do here...
  20. yes, although I still cant install the x2 driver while the drive letter is still h:
  21. ok, fixed the x64 problem by installing hall.dll file of the x64 cd. everything seems fine now
  22. When I booted my xp32 partition without doing anything, everything was recognized and worked fine cpuz, task manager etc. its xp64 Im having problems with. I cant install the hotfix because its looking for the c:boot.ini and the drive letter on x64 is H: for some reason . when I boot to xp32, its shows the x64 partition as c: really confusing here
  23. Sort of... just installed this cpu, everything booted up fine, went into bios and loaded optimized defaults and here I am in windows. Processor tab in device manager clearly shows 2 entries "Dual Core AMD Opteron Processor 165" but the computer tab only shows "ACPI Uniprocessor X64 based PC", the processor selection tab in cpuz is blacked out and the performance tab under the task manager is only showing a bar graph for one core. Any ideas here?? When I first booted up it found a new device and was looking for a driver for "ACPI MultiProcessor X64 based PC" but I had no such thing. Im sure this is an easy fix here....
  24. With my Opty 165 on the way I'll be doing alot of testing and tweaking over the next little while, just wondering how I run 2 instances of p95. Is it as simple as running it twice and setting the affinity for the other core??
  25. Just ordered one of these yesterday, cant wait to see what it can do
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