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  1. arrgh. cant even get this stable at 2.95ghz 1.54v
  2. What kind of speeds are you hitting and under what voltages? just curious what other ccbbe 0617 owners are getting out of their chips
  3. couldnt really find an answer to this using the search, but on water how high could i reasonably push the vcore?
  4. Im looking at this unit to slow down my unbearably loud Sunon rad fan. I noticed it only has the 3-pin connetor, it should work with the 4 pin molex connector on the Sunon provided I have the correct adapter right?
  5. its the DD 5.25" single bay res. uses a little black screw-cap for filling
  6. its a reservoir, and yes it is pretty full
  7. Just finished stitching my rig up and am in the process of leak testing (8hrs mininmum correct?) I've noticed a pretty distinctive sound of water trickling, like a fountain. does this go away after time? so far everything seems a-ok i.e. no visible leakage.
  8. or does it really matter. also, same question for a BI Pro radiator.
  9. dont forget to use PAGLAN06 for the coupon code and a nice 20% discount, also make sure you have the right size fittings for everything
  10. orientation of the pump goes doesnt really matter. As long as you can get the air purged out of the system, it will work just fine. Watercooling the chipset is a waste of time, just get yourself the evercool vc-re and your good to go. you cant go wrong with Danger Den, great product and customer service to boot. Usually they have some pretty good package deals too. Just a word of advice, get everything you need from them the first time including stuff like clamps, tubing etc. Sending stuff across the border can get expensive, especially if you have to go back a few times for some odds and ends. hope that helps
  11. I could be any combiantion of the board, bios rev, memory or cpu honestly. Some dividers just wont work sometimes period. that doesnt neccesarily mean there is anything wrong with your componets and you could test and tweak to fix it till you are blue in the face. like I said, new ram fixed the problem for me in a roundabout sort of way.
  12. I had this same problem with my old pc3200 platinum. Honestly thats just the way it is sometimes and in the end the solution for me was to pick up some pc4000 xtc gold. Oc'd much better of course so I wouldnt have to use the dividers I knew didnt work that well. That being said, the 704-2BTA worked much better with the pc3200 stuff
  13. cool, thanks for the quick responses guys, knew I could count on you!
  14. specialblend218 said he needed more pictures to be clear but didnt say where. now that you mention it though the o-rings appear to be sealed pretty tightly against the top so I guess it solves that problem. what about the nozzles though? do they make that big a difference in any ones opinion?
  15. short verison, I got my TDX block in and went about trying to install the #4 acclerator nozzle. Well, the screws on the block were so overtightened that it was impossible to get them out and I ended up stripping 2 of them. Also, the copper bottom doesnt seemed sealed to the lucite top very well, there is a very noticeable gap between the 2, although Im sure the picture makes it seem worse than it is. Third problem, being from Canada, it is a supreme PITA sending things back and forth across the border, so i really like to avoid having to send the whole thing back to danger den for a replacement. Will they be fairly cool working with me to find a solution here? I've already tried posting this on their forums but they are completely useless and It took forever for a modeartor to respond; when he did it was no help whatsover http://img81.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dscn0593lj1.jpg
  16. would it be on there with my xp90 mounted to the board? such a stupid question but I honestly cant remember! EDIT: n/m, im an idiot. pulled off the side panel on the case and I could see it thru the mobo tray.
  17. Just wondering what you guys used to mount the TDX on your boards, I dont think I have a backing plate to use but its been so long since I put this thing together. Wasnt there supposed to be one included with the board? The one the guy uses in the Danger Den video is unlike anything I have. not sure what to do here...
  18. you might be able to, but its highly unlikely I'll wager
  19. check the sig... once I get my WC setup in I'll be going for 3ghz, right now its hitting around 50c at load
  20. Well, back at 04/06 and the problem seems to be solved! its a shame this ram doesnt agree with some dividers on this bios though... have to run it at 1/2 to hit 2.85. Oh well, I'll be rid of it soon anyhow. thanks
  21. actually this didnt start happening untill after I flashed back to 704-2BTA from 04/06. tried doing a cmos clear as well without any luck. maybe going back to 04/06 might help? I think I'll give it a try.
  22. this just started recently, but if I go into the bios for anything; not neccesarily making any changes but just to look, after the board posts, it will hang and then reboot a couple of times. Sometimes I'll need to power on/off for it to get into windows. I've been running these settings for a while now without any problems untill now, once it gets into windows it is completely stable and passes every stress test no problem:confused:
  23. when you say it passes sp2004 one per each core, how long has it run before crashing?
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