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  1. Its about time for me to replace the zalman gm1000 mix I have running in my system so I'm kind of exploring my options right now. It has to be UV reactive but Fluid XP is way to expensive so thats ruled out. Danger den supposedly has some new product called PC Chill coming out that looks like it fits the bill but they havent updated availability on it in 2 months. what does everyone here use in their rigs?
  2. dont use winflash for starters. Your probably screwed. sorry
  3. I've had it all the way up to 1.63v @ 3.0 and dual prime still crashed in minutes. Kind of frustrating because i know there are many other 0617 owners getting better results from this chip.
  4. im hitting 2.9 @ 1.47v with my o617. doesnt want to go much higher than that no matter what I do though
  5. Just make sure you have the safe shutdown temperature in your bios on. it usually defaults to 60c. I like to take off both side panels when I prime overnight and have a big fan blowing directly on the mobo which helps greatly. make sure you read the faqs next time too; these questions get asked endlessly
  6. What does it mean when you can dual prime 16+ hrs without errors (small fft's) but 1 core fails within 45 minutes when you do a custom blend (850mb memory tested on each core) am I stable or not...
  7. 1.7vcore?? your a brave man. Wont take long for that to go up in smoke
  8. sweet, I was always wondering the answer to that one as well
  9. 704-2bta seems to be favored here, replace that PSU stat btw if you want to achieve anything with your OC
  10. uhh guys I dont need to know if there is air in the system or how to purge it; I need help with why the computer wont post!
  11. Well I just powered on this morning, at first there was no boot, then I resetted a few times and it posted. Same problem with windows not loading, ok I think its corrupted and I must re-install. Setup stalls out at "Setup is loading Windows" hmmm thats never happened before. While Im trying to figure that one out the computer turns off and shuts itself off out of the blue. It will power back on but with 4 leds. I noticed before it did that the 12v rail in the bios was reading real low like 11.88v. Im thinking the PSU has taken a crap? im lost here
  12. having a problem similar to this guy :http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=64821 did some light maintenance on the WC, cut a new length of hose and attached (old one was a tad too short and nearly falling off). Motherboard was not removed, just the video card to get at the tubing more easily. Stitched it back up and power on, post took a lot longer than usual, but a black screen when booting into windows. hmmmm. reset, and now no post. Initially it will halt on 3 leds, I reset and then it halts on 2 leds. thats the way it sits now. Im thinking there is a small spill somewhere I cant see that it causing the problem? Im doing an overnight cmos clear (give it some time to dry also) and hoping for the best in the morning. I tried re-seating the video card to no avail and it looks pretty air tight as far as leaks go. any ideas???
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