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  1. Well, like most all on this forum I have decided that it is best not to use the nVidia drivers for IDE (even 6.86). First off, I noticed that my drive started making a sh**t load of noise, grinding like an old 4 Gig WD. Secondly, my HDtach score was lower than with the windows drivers. Obviously the choice was simple, go back to the widows drivers and enjoy quiet operation and faster performance!
  2. I just bought these http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820227210 And I am very happy with them. Currently overclocked at DDR 509 I have never used the mushkin myself, but I have heard only good things about them. This OCZ kit is my second kit from them and I have been very happy with both sets. Keep in mind that most people do not get that kit to clock as high as I have, but in any case it is still very good memory.
  3. Yeah thats what I figured. Now I want to get in on some raid action with a couple of sata 300 drives. That should be fun, I have never used raid yet. Thanks for the info Sharp. I noticed that you have a 3700+, what is the "E4" part about? EDIT: Just seen on another page that E4 is part of the stepping
  4. I guess it was windows not letting the 6.86 setup install the IDE drivers. Did it in safe mode and they installed just fine. My sata150 drive gets slightly lower HD tach score now that I have nvidia drivers installed though. Was expecting a better score. HD tach gives me 128MB burst. Used to get 130 with windows drivers. Wonder why I am getting ATA 133 performance from a sata 150 drive?
  5. Gotcha! Thanks alot Sharp. Going to try 6.66 now Thanks buddy
  6. Thanks Sharp for the idea. I will give 6.66 a try. I take it that my Primary and Secondary IDE channels are supposed to say (nvidia drivers) in device manager. Please tell me yes or no :confused: And about the NAM, I have not seen any issues with it myself, maybe I am missing something. What kind of problems should I be looking for? I like the idea of using it instead of a third party firewall. I have a linksys router, but I do alot of downloading, I like to be informed when a file is trying to access the internet. I Had zone alarm pro, but it was . me off. It kept on asking me to give the same processes permission over and over again every day, even after checking the box to remember my answer. Plus vsmon.exe which is part of zone alarm, would sometimes hog resources.
  7. Try cleaning the VGA cards contacts with alcohol. With any luck this is your problem. Good luck. My girl friends pc always gave me . when removing and replacing the vga. I cleaned the contacts and all was fine. Also check to see if any pins are bent or pushed back on your DVI plug.
  8. I selected yes to everything. But it was kind of a strange procedure. First off, I uninstalled the previous nvidia drivers from control panel, then after reboot I had lost my vga drivers apparently, and system was unstable. So I was nervous as hell, and decided to use system restore from safe mode. Then I was able to boot up normally, So after that I figured as long as system restore worked, I will just try it again, but this time I was unable to uninstall some of the nvidia drivers. Said that I may have already uninstalled them. Then I decided to just run the setup for the 6.86 drivers (selecting to install everything), drivers installed but NAM would not install because the previous version of NAM was still present, at least some what. It asked me if I wanted to uninstall the old NAM now, and I answered yes. But it did not complete the uninstall. I then reinstalled the old NAM, then uninstalled it. That got rid of it. I then was able to install the 6.86 NAM. Then after all that I ran the complete 6.86 set up again to make sure everything was installed. Everything did seem to install this time even the NAM, but during the setup I got a message (windows explorer has encountered an error and needs to close) I dragged that window out of the way and the set up still seemed to complete. So I figured no big deal. So the only thing I am not sure about now is weather my Primary and Secondary IDE channels should show drivers by nvidia in my device manager.
  9. I installed the nvidia 6.86 driver pack and in device manager I now have "nvidia drivers for the sata controllers) but on the IDE Primary and Secondary show microsoft drivers. Is this normal? I expected to see nvidia drivers shown for IDE channels as well as the SATA controllers.
  10. I looked in device manager and noticed that my IDE drivers are microsoft drivers. I must not have installed the nvidia IDE drivers because the old ones had issues. Now that the newer nvidia drivers are getting good feedback I would like to install them. Can I just go to control panel/add remove programs and uninstall (Nvidia drivers) and (Nvidia Network Access Manager) then install the new NF4 drivers?
  11. After I removed the IHS from my 3700+ I had to figure out a way to make the Freezer Pro 64 clip on tight, the spring clip does not fit tight after removing the IHS from the CPU. So I cut some pieces of plastic from a cutting board to fit inside the black piece (shown in the attachments below). Then put the black piece back on the base of the cooler. It works very well. Though it is a little tricky getting the cooler mounted, because the clip has less play after raising it up.
  12. Alright last time I am changing my mind lol. The fact that the G.Skill kit mentioned above is cas 2.5 has been bugging me, so I have decided to go with these http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227210 instead as they are cas 2 and still quite a bit less expensive than the redlines. Going to order tonight. Can't wait to get these puppies :dog: lol
  13. Hey, those are some pretty nice shots Angry. Getting just the right shot is very hard to do, main difference from pro to amateur is the amount of shots taken. A pro may shoot 800 shots and keep just one. The reason why you get less light when you use a faster shutter speed is simply because there is less time for the light to get in the lens. Using a larger aperture will let more light in any any given shutter speed, however this will affect your focus. This just a half butt explanation. Hopefully wingspar will set me straight hehe
  14. Hey Angry. That spider is a type of jumping spider, no .. I am serious they can really jump! If you get your camera close enough he may just jump on it! I have had one in my open hand fingers stretched apart and this little guy went to the tip of my finger and jumped from finger tip to finger tip. lol Was funny as hell
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