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  1. NO! Sugarless gum is better than you; you are a nazi propagandist with grains of rice for balls,how dare you give wrong information I will gouge out your eyes and skull . you! I will put you in a pool of pihranas ; you masturbating loser!
  2. Try getting some aroma therapy hand lotion and rub it on your temples i find that it gives some kind of a static charge to the brain that improves thinking;It smells nice too but any ways if that doesn't work take your computer and strap a bomb to it and sell it on ebay rigging it to blow up when they turn it on. Yours truly, Awper.
  3. I find that when you have computer problems a nice game of scrabble brings out the best ideas,you should try it, if scrabble doesn't work try monopoly against an asian. yours truly, shmidt
  4. My computer runs it at full settings but it has frequent pauses(this has only happened when i installed the update)Does anyone know why
  5. The motherboard I got has a few layers of Epoxy on the chipset and it sucks. Any theories on how to get around this are appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I am trying to figure out the best way to bridge the contacts but i am skiddish when it comes to modifying(please help). AMD 3700+ san diego HIS radeon X800GTO 256 mb 500/1000 DFI NF4 Ultra-d OCZ Titanium 2 x 512 mb 2-3-2-5 WD 300 gb Caviar ASPIRE X-CRUISE-BK/420 Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case Lite-on combo drive
  7. What would be the best way to bridge the contacts?,a friend of mine says all you have to do is make a pencil mark between the two and your done......help
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