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  1. well after a long perion my problem with the rma is solved. what happend meanwhile last 2 months. my dfi mobo. was running for 2 days, after that. it died! ok..send it back to my supplier, and just had to follow the rules. i already was afraid what was going to happen, so decided to buy a new motherboard. the asus a8r-mvp why? cause all the problems i do read here, and there wasnt a fast sollution from the dfi supplier. since i own the asus, it runs like hell. all extra's, speciall applications,and updates are working. yesterday i did receive my money back. so i can close this long term story!. sorry guys, you were able to do your best and help me. like someone else said before somewhere on this forum: i am not a beta-test person! me neither!. good luck with OC-ing. doubleyouk.
  2. thanks guys, i'll keep in mind there are some people who wants to help me. i'll PM you when i receive back my PCB from the rma. meanwhile i do read others problems and tips how to solve. see you soon. wilco.
  3. hi to you all, just want to know ,are there any good tweakers from holland, who will help personall , with bios-setup, and settings etc.? my board is right now at rma to dfi holland. it was not working with stock settings. hope to get is back soon. this hardware setup im going to use for htpc. im not a gamer,...what not is,could be... im not an oc myself. reading here i understand this mobo, is build to OC. hope anyone is friendly enough to help me, and ofcourse every help get paid worth. wilco.
  4. also same problem here. everything was working fine. after a normal windows powerdown, my board didnt do any. the only fact was, a standby led, but no respons when press the start-up button. neither a reset, power switch on the board itself. now i did rma this board, and waiting what they find. hope i get it back soon, cause you know....just want to let it work/rock! ill let you all know how things go. im living in the netherlands. anyone who wants to help me, when the board is fixed, so its able to fine-tune. right timings,voltages, and improvements? let me know soon. or by chat programm, better in person.
  5. Look in the manual and find the location of the jumper for use 5Vstandby for PS2 mouse/keyboard and jumper it to 5Volt stanby mode and then it will shut off if your are using PS/2 mouse or keyboard. RGone... aiai.. well thxs rgone, your were right about the ps2 mouse /usb support. i add the ps2 mouse, and my board was working normal. but...after i disabled the usb support in bios, now my mobo. is completly dead. really a pity. i really was happy with everything working. now i returned the mobo for an rma. and waiting whats going to happen. when i read all the stories about the crossfire dfi mobo. i am having doubts. already am looking for a different brand, but still giving the dfi suplieer a chance. hope to receive a new board, or my old one fixed, and with a good working bios. lets wait how this story ends. i`ll let you all know. this is in the netherlands, dont see many users from here. till later.
  6. same problem here, clean install. sata raid on the ati 1/2 ports. 4leds hanged bios,resetting several times. after a bios change. also can't shut-down xp. it just reboots.have to turn off system by power button (5sec.) just waiting for a sollution... *cant tell my timings. everything is still stock installed. but with latest drivers. Mobo: DFI RDX200CF DR CPU: AMD 4400+ x2 MEM: Geil pc3200 400MHz, 2GB totall PSU: antec 500W version2.0 GPU: X850XT CF just one vga. OS: XP PRO mce HDD: dual sata raid,hitachi installed at the raid ati1312 controller. slot 1/2 enabled.
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