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  1. If all this about dx10 is true, we will obviously need to upgrade to vista to play new dx10 games. if we do upgrade, does that mean older games wont work in vista? - im not talking really old, but im rather partial to a game of medal of honour, call of duty and other fps. So the question again: will older games work in vista? Cheers
  2. oh dear, shipping is more than fan itself. anyone know any uk suppliers?
  3. Has everyone seen the newish cases by thermaltake and a few other mfrs, the ones sporting 25cm fans mounted to the side panel. Does anyone know if anywhere are supplying these fans by themself, i mean not neceserily thermaltake fans, any brand aslong as its gonna be relatively quiet. I fancy adding one to a tt armor i have, but i dont wanna buy the new side panel with windows and big fan, i want to have my own design window, so a little moding is in order.......just need to track down those huge fans any ideas anyone????? Cheers
  4. Hey, just read in a different forum that you cant use both hdd protocols simultaneously - dont know if theres any truth in that though. http://gladiator-antivirus.com/forum/lofiv...php/t36173.html its in the first reply.
  5. i think you need an x-fi, or similar to support openAL - not sure exactly which support openAL but i know x-fi does. Will the game boot up all the way to the menu so you can disable it there? if not, perhaps edit the cfg file and change the value for openAL to 0.
  6. yeah definately go with the newest gpu if you can, ive made the mistake of not doing so in the past - bought a fx 5600 instead of 5800 coz the 256mb memory enticed me - i was young and stoopid!
  7. A bit off topic i know,,,,but, i may be getting a laptop, and wondered, how good is the new intel gma900? i always said if got a laptop i would get one with mobility version of geforce or radeon. but it seems that the gma900 is finiding its way into the top of the range pentium m laptops. is it really that good to be included in the topline laptops? Id be buying a bottom range one, however, but even these have the gma900, now i liek the pentium m, but it seems i would have to get an amd based laptop to get the ati or nv graphics i wanted. so i suppose my overall question is,,,,,,how does the gma900 compare to say an ati x600 mobile version? is it really that far behind? any other pointers would be appreciated. cheers boys. (and girls)
  8. Lifes a classy lady huh..........now you *HAVE* to get an x-fi....nevermind!!! LOL
  9. Even if you only plan getting on graphics card, its probably still best to get the sli version,,,as it always gives you the option to go sli. get a 7800gtx now and run it just by itself and then this tiime next year, get a second 7800gtx when theyl be about half the price they are atm. and hopefully if you do it that way,,,by this time next year sli wont be such a young technology and should probably work better,,,(new drivers, updated bios etc)
  10. yeah get one pulling cool air in at the front
  11. Possibly a little high, wouldnt worry too much though. what sort of case cooling do you have? could be air flow issue?
  12. http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000465.htm hey found this, might help you out.
  13. just did a quick google of it. on intel boards you need to change the usb setting in bios to high speed, perhaps theres a similar sollution for dfi boards?
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