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  1. I put all of my settings, exactly as the ones you showed on your other thread, but I am still getting memory errors. Do you think I should RMA my memory?
  2. Here are the settings I have, What is wrong here? Thanks in advance. Genie BIOS Settings DRAM Configuration DRAM Frequency Set (MHz) ... 200=RAM/FSB: 01/01 Command per clock (CPC) ... Enable CAS latency Control (TCL) ... 2.0 RAS# to CAS# delay (Trcd)... 03 Bus Clocks Min RAS# active time (Tras) ... 08 Bus Clocks Row Precharge Time (Trp) ... 02 Bus Clocks Row cycle time (Trc) ... 10 Bus Clocks Row refresh cyc time (Trfc) ... 16 Bus Clocks Row to Row delay (Trrd) ... 02 Bus Clocks Write recovery time (Twr) ... 03 Bus Clocks Write to Read delay (Twtr) ... 02 Bus Clocks Read to Write delay (Trwt) ... 03 Bus Clocks Refresh Period (Tref) ... 3120 Cycles Write CAS Latency (Twcl) ... Auto DRAM Bank Interleave ... Enabled DQS Skew Control ... Increase Skew DQS Skew Value ... 0 DRAM Drive Strength ... Level 08 DRAM Data Drive Strength ... Level 3 Max Async Latency ... 08.0 Nano Seconds DRAM Responce time ... Fastest Read Preamble Time ... 06.0 Nano Seconds IdleCycle Limit ... 256 Cycles Dynamic Counter ... Disable R/W Queue Bypass ... 16x Bypass Max ... 07x 32 Byte Granularity ... Disable (4 bursts) Genie BIOS Settings FSB Bus Frequency ... 200MHz LTD/FSB Frequency Ratio ... x4.0 LTD Bus Transfer Width ... Down16 Up16 CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio ... Auto PCI eXpress Frequency ... 100 MHz K8 Cool 'n' Quiet Support ... Disable CPU VID StartUp Value ... 1.425v CPU VID Control... 1.425v CPU VID Special Control ... Auto LDT Voltage Control ... 1.40v Chip Set Voltage Control ... 1.61v DRAM Voltage Control ... 2.7v PCI eXpress Configuration... 2-1-1-16 Dual 6600GT Card Support ... Disabled MAC Lan... Auto MAC Media Interface ... Pin Strap Machine MAC (NV) Address ... Disabled MAC Lan Boot ROM ... Disabled
  3. I am still trying to figure out my stock settings for my memory. The bios has much more options than I am used to. I followed Rgone's stock settings here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5844, and made adjustments for my memory speeds, 2 3 2 5, but the rest is as he suggested. I am getting memory errors on the 4th test of memtest. Keekles is suggesting that I flash my BIOS to a non Expert version, but I do not feel comfortable doing that, and suggestions?
  4. I just don't feel comfortable installing a bios that is not for my board, unless told to do so by angry
  5. RGone are you saying that bios is for the expert, or not for the expert? If it is, do you think it would help my problem? It is running great other than that one thing. I don't want to cause more problems than I fix. I checked the DFI website, and they only have one BIOS up for download on their site. PCB Revision A Date Code 2005/11/02 File NF4EDB02.zip Size 423,208 bytes Description First release It says first release, so I would think that it is the one that shipped with the MB.
  6. Do you really think that bios would fix this problem? I would rather not flash unless I have a spacific problem that the bios addresses.
  7. Ok, I followed the guide. The system will boot up fine, and runs games great up to a point. Then the system will crash to the desktop. It gives me a differant error message every time. Each pointing to a corrupt, or missing file. This happens in all games eventually. I ran Memtest, because it resembles a memory error, and sure enough, the ram has failing addresses every time it goes through test #4. Do any of you know what I need to change? I don't think the memory is bad since it is differant addresses that fail every time.
  8. I just recieved all my parts, and thought I was going to do ok getting up and running, but wow I think I may be over my head, I have alot of learning to do here. Below is what I bought, I am just wanting to get everything up and running stock speeds. I am not wanting to overclock yet. I cannot decipher what alot of the BIOS settings are though. Does anybody have a list of what their stock settings are if you have similar parts?
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