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  1. I just wanted to jump on the opty bandwagon. My x2 is pretty nice. I dont really game much so Im waiting for the 7800 vidcards to come down in price.....I see the 7900 is out now. I guess Im just bored.


    Thank You for your opinions.





  2. I did a search and didn't really find much so I'm gonna ask. I have an SI-120 and I think I want to lap it. What is the easiset way and exactly what materials do I need?


    Will it make much difference or is it hard to say?






  3. I have a brand new big typhoon that I mounted and it was a pain in the butt. I had it pretty tight. I used the rubber pad that came with it and stuck it to the back of the mobo. It didn't cause any damage to my x2-4800 or my dfi mobo. I didn't like the cooler after all of the trouble of putting it on and switched back to my thermalright si-120. It's so much easier to work with and it cools great. Good Luck with the BT.



  4. I'm trying to decide what kind of vidcard(s) to upgrade to. Is 7800gt(x) really necessary and/or worth it? 256MB or 512MB? Is SLI overkill for regular users? Any recommendations on brand? I was looking into XFX and BFG products. They seem high quality. I think that XFX has a killer lifetime warranty.


    Thanks, Everyone, for your feedback!



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