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  1. Well, my board is not in upside down but it only works if I use the top card. I did manage to get aquamark and 3d mark 06 to run well. I only got 8161 in 3d mark 06. Is that a good score for SLI 7900 GTX cards??


    Thanks Guys. What a pain SLI was to setup.



  2. I finally got sli working. Aquamark runs but there is a lot of weird video problems like flashing lights weird colors etc. 3d mark 05 runs great with a score of about 12000. 3d mark 06 has the same problem as aquamark. I did install the latest drivers, 84.43 from nvidia. I dont get it. Does anyone know whats up?? Is it because the cards are so new?? 7900 gtx's. Maybe I should use the driver remover program?? Whatever it's called...Driver cleaner maybe?


    Thanks Guys!



  3. No, one PSu was sitting on top of the case. I just disconnected it anyway. I got scared after reading that your should not power one component with 2 psu's. I was powering the 7900's pcie power plug with the external antec and the rest of the stuff with the ocz internal. It was running really great like that. I just ran some benchies and switched it back to stock <7900>. It seemed like a good idea. Does anyone know if I can do this without frying stuff?? Maybe I could power all of the fans and the drives with an external psu and the mobo and 2 7900's in sli with the ocz???


    Thanks guys!



  4. I OC'ed my 7900 gtx to 705/880 and heres the benchies.


    3D Mark 06---6647

    Aquamark 122438


    Are those scores good for my system?? I've never had a nice video card until now.


    Also, I'm running 2 PSU's. I have an Antec 500W Smartpower 2.0 running the card and my OCZ is running the rest. It's cool as hell. Totally Ghetto.


    Does anyone know if I could run SLI 7900 GTX's with the Antec 500W and the rest on my OCZ???? I dont want to buy a new PSU to SLI. I would be running 1050W and a lot of AMPS with two. I wonder how much the cards draw from the board.


    Thanks Guys.



  5. My benchmark scores dropped in Aquamark 3 and 3d mark 06 after I OC'ed my EVGA 7900 gtx 512 mb. card. Whats up with that???? Also, during the CPU test it will either get 1 fps or 0. Should I set the affinity to run on 1 core or what? Why so low??? Sorry for being slightly off topic.


    Also, does anyone know if I could run 2 of these cards in sli with my setup....Check my sig please....520W ocz powerstream


    Thank You!



  6. Well, I got my card listed in the title yesterday and it's really nice. It does suck that evga doesn't offer any bundle at all. I've only played WoW and FEAR so far and they are quite awesome. I did notice a little choppiness in FEAR with all of the settings turned up on high and playing at 1600 x 1200 res. Nevertheless it's still killer. I did have a question about 3d mark 06. Even with this powerful setup some of the 3d mark stuff still runs kinda slow as far as framerates go. Is 3dmark just that stressful or should I go SLI? I really want to but it seems like a big overkill. It would be nice to have a second one of these cards. I'm also still wondering what is up with the shortage of 7800 and 7900 cards???? This was the ONLY 7900 in stock at Newegg.


    Thanks for your opinions in the previous posts guys!!


    I know ATI is a little better but Nvidia is still really nice.



  7. I did it. Bought the evga 7900 gtx 512 mb vid card and a killer samsung 20.1 inch 1600 x 1200 res. monitor. with a 5 ms. refresh. The question I have is will the difference really big a big one. I upgrading from an old 17 inch crt 1024 x 768 monitor and a single 6600 vid. card. I just want to know if it was worth spending 1000$ for 1 video card and 1 monitor. Also, does anyone have an opinion about the company EVGA. I've never really heard of them. I had to get the EVGA because it was the only 7900 series card available at Newegg Whats up with the 7900 shortage??



    Thanks Guys.




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