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  1. I believe those scores are fine. To get near 10K in '06 you have to have SLI. Thats near what I get with one 7900 gtx. --EJM
  2. I've tried both plugs and it didn't seem to matter IMHO. I've read somewhere that it's supposed to be farthest away from the mobo. I do know one thing. Only my top card had video. Now that I have SLI, I really believe it's a big waste of money, but it's fun to mess with. FEAR, WoW, Far Cry, Quake 3 all run really great with one or two of my 7900 gtx's....The benchies look nice with SLI, though. Bragging Rights. Heh. --EJM
  3. Yeah, I agree on the fan. I'm back to one 7900 for now because I had to rma it after extensive testing. I was thinking about a fan on the side of them but one facing the back of the case would be nice too, I bet. I'll figure it out when I get the second card back. Thanks for the advice. --EJM
  4. I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere that SLI doesnt affect your Aquamark score much. I've gotten right around those scores with 1 or 2 cards. --EJM
  5. I just went through hell with a set of evga 7900 gtx's for the last week. Same thing here....Different psu's...mobo's.....drivers...ram.....cpu's...I tried them all. For some reason I missed the fact that one of them was bad while testing them individually. It was after I flashed the bios on both of the cards and tested individually again that I discoved it. I bet it's one of your cards or maybe a bios issue. I've read about the 7900 gtx's having issues like what you are describing. I'd flash the bios and test individually again. It's easy. Go to MVK tech to get the flash program and the 7900 gtx bios. I know one thing, if I see 3d mark again I'm gonna puke. I ran all of them about 100 times this past week. I really like the 7900 gtx card. It's very nice. I can't wait until I get my replacement from EVGA. --EJM
  6. I can't believe you guys. WTF? Why are you guys arguing about PSU's on my thread. Start your own thread. Anyway, after extensive testing I figured out the problem. It's one of the 7900 gtx's. It's bad and it's going back. So, I'm short a 7900 for now. At least I still have one. IMHO, the Enermax 620 is a fine PSU. It has plenty of amps on the 12V rails and all of it's other ratings are great. I guess it's just a matter of preference. A lot of equipment is really nice. Just different names. Thanks a lot to those who tried to help me. --EJM
  7. Who cares. They are both really good. --EJM
  8. Gee, thanks for the help Guys. Anyway, F. it. I'm RMA'ing them. I've tried two different mobo's, two different psu's, ram.....Many different drivers and combinations of drivers...... One card runs great, though. --EJM
  9. The fan wires were in the way because I was still working on it. Thank You. --EJM My cable management does suck, but not that bad!
  10. I know...Thats what I was trying to say. I have a backup OCZ and it does the same thing. I'm gonna try another MOBO and I have plenty of other stuff that I'm glad I didn't sell to see for sure. I think the drivers are wonky IMHO. I talked to EVGA today and he said that the hardware came before the drivers. I'm sure you all know what that means. Thank You for your suggestions. --EJM
  11. I believe the Enermax is sufficient. I only running 1 hd 1 dvd drive, the cards and the board. It should be able to run that. Have you seen the specs on the Enermax?
  12. I get the error 'driver stuck in infinite loop' while running 3d mark 06 right before the cpu test every time. I cant really find out too much about it. Everything is stock right now. Thanx Guys. --EJM
  13. Ok heres the deal. Each of my 7900 card work great by themselves. 10000 and change in 3d mark 05 but when in SLI 3d mark will lock up at the same test every time. Same goes with 01 and 06. Maybe test 3 or something. Maybe the CPU test. Anyway I've tried everything I can think of....drivers....nf4 drivers......different slots...... I'm re installing windows again. Does anyone know if the SLI key might be bad? I have an ABIT SLI key...Is it the same as the DFI one? Also, I'm only running one HD, one DVD burner, the cards and MOBO. I think the Enermax can handle that. The weird thing is that when I first setup SLI 3d mark 05 and 06 worked OK but only once or twice and thats was it. If I run 3d mark again, I think I'm gonna puke. WTF? Thanks Guys. --EJM
  14. I've never completed 3d mark 01 with my new setup. It always crashes right at the end or during 'nature'. Is it a windows problem? SLI problem? Beta driver problem? 7900 gtx GPU problem? Where should I begin? Thanks Guys! --EJM
  15. Go for it. Personally, I think all of this stuff is sort of a waste of money but it sure is fun. --EJM I wish someone could help me figure out how to raise the voltage for the gpu's. I've read about flashing the bios and stuff like that. It seems quite complex.
  16. Anyone have any good ideas about rigging up a small fan on the side of them.....I guess I could zip tie one on the heatpipes. --EJM
  17. Someone asked me for a pic. It's just my new SLI setup. --EJM May the Overclock Be with You, Luke.
  18. I'm thinking I should have went with ATI. I'll post those pics soon. Thank You. --EJM
  19. The Nvidia utility says that the core slowdown threshold is 110C. I've seen my setup run as high as 76C on the hotter card and 63C on the cooler. They are on factory air and they are overclocked. It this too high for benching or anything else for that matter. I'd hate to blow up 1100$ worth of video card. --EJM
  20. They are very close. The hotter one runs about 10C higher. I have some pics. but I have to get them off my card and size 'em. Whats the max size for pics here? 800 x 600 or something?? --EJM
  21. Dude, I just got my 2nd 7900 GTX 512 mb. yesterday. SLI. It's bitchen'. Buy the 2nd one if you can afford it. Good Luck --EJM
  22. Cool. Too bad I just spent 1100$ on Nvidia cards. I guess my gaming experience will suck now. --EJM
  23. Does DFI offer a Crossfire MOBO.?? It seems the other Guy was right about having an NF4 working better with Nvidia cards. I've always heard that ATI is awesome. I've never experienced it. I personally love my setup. Oh Well. Guess I'm screwed. --EJM
  24. Does anyone know if it is possible to get 2 x 512 of OCZ plat rev. 2 pc3200 TCC5 sticks to run together with 2 x 512 OCZ plat. EE pc 4800 TCCD sticks? I put all of them in once and it wouldnt even boot. Any Ideas? Thank You. --EJM
  25. Does anyone know how to volt mod a 7900 gtx?? I read somewhere you can change the bios or use software to change the voltages. My gtx's run great but you know....... Thank You. --EJM
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