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  1. Even with the classic view I see no way of monitoring temps. on each core. Oh well. I'm assuming the temp. reading is from the hottest core. I hope. --EJM
  2. I'm using it with my Lanparty SLI-DR. It's working fine. --EJM
  3. I got it running at 600/800 right now. Got it up to 8787 on 3dmark 06. How much will this shorten the life of the card I wonder? --EJM
  4. I don't know if it makes any difference but my pcie slot is only running at 8X. I'm too lazy to switch the jumpers. I wasn't really trying to break records. I just thought those scores weren't too bad for that setup. --EJM
  5. I wish someone would retail some of that quad watercooling stuff like Alienware has. I haven't found any GX2 waterblocks yet except for the Alienware ones. --EJM
  6. Here are my scores. My x2-4800 is only running at 2.7 ghz because it is so hot here. The GX2 is slightly OC'ed to 570/775 and rock solid. 3d mark----06 8651 05 13594 03 32672 Those seem pretty good for one GX2. I wish Quad SLI would happen sometime since I'm getting my other GX2 next week. Later Guys. --EJM
  7. Hi. I dont think I am blind or stupid but I only see one temp. reading on the Nvidia control panel. I'm running a GX2 now. I wonder if the single temp reading is for both GPU's??? I dont see anything that allows a reading for each GPU like I used to have when running SLI. Also, the slowdown threshold is 122C??? That seems a tad bit warm huh? What is the max temp. in reality?? Thanks. --EJM
  8. I love my gx2. It's soooo much better then my 7900 gtx's. Im running it at 570/775 and it rocks. I had 8 out of 10 7900 gtx's from evga over a period of 2 months that were bad. I cant wait for my other gx2 next week. I wish quad sli would become reality though. I might just run one for now. Go for it!! --EJM
  9. I had 8 out of 10 7900 gtx's that were bad. I had to downclock the ram to 400-450 mhz. for 1stability on all of them. I spent 2 months getting it straight. Now I'm stepping them both up to 7950's. I hope it's not a big mistake but it seems like a good deal anyway. They cross ship with a credit card. It's fast and easy. --EJM
  10. I went through 8 out of 10 7900 gtx's from EVGA within 2 months. I finally got 2 working ones but I'm currently trading up to the GX2's right now. I will get my first one early next week. Right now I have my other 7900 gtx running rock solid at 684/878. I have never had such a bad hardware problem in the 20 years that I have been playing around with computers. My old Commodore 64 was more reliable with it's 5.25 floppy disk drive then those 7900 series cards. I hope the GX2's are better. Supposedly they have better voltage regulators. I dunno. Good Luck Guys. --EJM
  11. I would never buy an Overpriced Alienware for myself. My wife wanted it. You definately do not get what you pay for. I'm sorry I bought it but it's an OK system. I've never seen a DIY laptop, yet. --EJM
  12. My wife has an Alienware, (I Know.) that has a 3 ghz. Prescott LGA775 proc. and I noticed that the Conroes are gonna be socket 775 also. Do any of you think I would be able to put one of those baby's in her Alien??? Thanks. --EJM
  13. Personally, I really appreciate everyone's help here and I love my DFI board much better then my Abit Fatal1ty. Yes, I do have the quad sli psu. I haven't tried what was suggested to me yet because I am very busy. I will soon and report back. Thank You, Everyone! --EJM
  14. edjahman


    I have the option to step-up my 7900 gtx's to gx2's for about 140$ for both. I already have the quad sli psu. I game at 1600 x 1200 res. What do you guys think about the gx2's? They sound interesting. I suppose if I we're to buy a giant monitor someday and the games supported super high res. then it may be ok huh? Thanks for your opinions. --EJM
  15. Ok. Thank You. I'll try that. --EJM
  16. so, im finally running a set of 7900 gtx' from EVGA, 'give a big boo to them' and now other issue if with the nf4 fan. i did manage to purchace one from the plaCE HE WAS ADVERTISING. i AS5'D IT AND SLAPPED IN STILL CAN OF SUCK. once those cardfs are in all of that space is gone........Any Briliant Ideas, Freends?? of shoul I not worrk about it until it idles at 80. Thank You good day I thinks rgone was advertising for those chipset fans.
  17. step upto the GX2 its almost like sli in one card.....are you more then 90 days after ???? your original purchace? If you are one day over the you are screwed. Thats why im getting my gx2'.......if i run out of time i get nothing so i will re-up.
  18. cards screwed, when i started to get those with my 7900 gtx's, i knew they were toast. i went though every possible combo of mobo driver and graphics driver it seemed and it did no good at all i even re installed windows again and again....no juck........i think it's the card IMHO. good luck dude!
  19. I was told by Jacob at EVGA that you do not need an x16 x2 pcie slot board in order to use then. He said they will work in any SLI board. If thats not true then who cares, just run one in the x16 slot and call it a day. I've read that it's like having 2 7900 gtx's anyway. I have two on the way and I was thiniking about running just one and selling the other, even though I have a quad SLI Power supply already. --EJM
  20. I like SLI when my 7900 gtx's are working right, at 1600 x 1200 on my 20.1 in. FEAR and WoW look really nice with everything on high and are very playable. --EJM
  21. I've had about 2 out of 10 7900 gtx's that were good. The others had to have the ram severely downclocked to 450 or 500 mhz. in order to be stable. Is it possible that I am damaging these cards? Here is a list of all the hardware that I use. I have had failures using different combinations of all of the hardware listed here. AMD 3700+ San Diego for Single Card or AMD X2-4800 Toledo for SLI both tested rigoriously with Prime 95. 24 Plus hrs. DFI Lanparty NF4 SLI-DR ABIT Fatal1ty AN8-SLI OCZ Powerstream 520W for single card only. Tested with Multimeter, in service. PC Power and Cooling Quad SLI 1KW for SLI, Obviously. Tested with Multimeter, in service. OCZ PC3200 Plat. Rev. 2 TCC5 2 x 512 mb. or OCZ PC4800 Plat. EE TCCD 2 x 512 mb. ram tested with memtest rigoriously. 1 Hitachi SATA 160 G. HD and 1 Plextor SATA DVD Burner. Samsung 20.1 in. Syncmaster 204B LCD Monitor I just find it hard to believe that I had so many failures. EVGA seems to think it's me. I have used coolbits on a few of the failed cards using the detect optimal settings feature. Some of the cards were just at factory 650/800 settings. Thanks Guys! --EJM
  22. What do you guys think of this ram? OCZ OCZP5002GXTC-K 2GB Kit DDR500 PC4000 Platinum XTC Edition Dual Channel Memory I want to move up to 2 gb. of ram and I was considering this one. Are there any other 2 gb. recommendations also? Thank You _EJM
  23. None of this talk solves the original mystery. The DFI board works with the OCZ 520 but not the PC P&C PSU and the ABIT board works with either PSU. --EJM
  24. All I know is that Im running the 1000W PC Power and Cooling right now and it is powering the following:: Abit An8-Sli, 1 7900GTX, 1HD, 1DVD Burner and 3 120MM Silverstone fans. It Works great like that.I dont really think we need to get into a discussion about crossloading because you would think that the same exact setup would Power-Up my DFI board. Logically Speaking. But NO, The PC Power and Cooling does not like the DFI board and The OCZ 520 Likes both boards so WTF?? That stuff you were saying about the eight pin plug doesnt seem to be correct. The Pc Power and Cooling 1 KW comes with an 8 pin--4 pin adapter for the 12V plug on the board, so I believe it would be loaded also. Why did it power up the ABIT board with just 1 HD, 1 CD rom and 1 7900 GTX Vidcard with no fans?? --EJM
  25. I only have 1 7900 gtx on the 12v3 rail. Thats what I had on it with the abit board and it started. --ejm
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