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  1. I have a LP NF4 SLI-DR and I'm trying to incorporate drivers off of the floppy into my windows installation using nlite and I wanted to know which set of drivers should I try to incorporate. There are 3 different folders on the floppy. One is nvidia, one is something like sil5 and the other is sil. I just tried to incorporate all of them and hopefully it will work. The only floppy drive I have is usb and windows does not see it as drive 'a' I am trying to do a clean win xp install and I want to setup a raid o array using 2 sata drives. Thanks a lot guys.



  2. I have to rma my 3700 sd and I only have parts of the original heatsink. I can't even find a good picture of one. Does anyone out there have one I could buy of know how I might be able to get a hold of one. I think it's retarded that I have to send the orginal heatsink with the processor before I can rma. Has anyone ut there ever rma'ed an amd processor? Was it a sucessful rma?


    Thanks Everyone



  3. My LP nf4 sli-dr just died. It is about 1 year old. I cant find any info. on how to begin the rma process. I did a forum search first. I also did a web search. I found a dfi web site and started to fill out the form and when I got to the country, the United States was not listed in the drop down box.



  4. I finally got quad sli up and running. The only thing left to get is the 30" monitor. Has anyone out there seen one of those dell monitors in action? I just read a quad sli review and the guy said is was awesome. It seems that quad sli is just a waste with my 21.5 inch monitor.


    Please give me opinions.


    Thanks Guys.



  5. Actually I believe that 1 7950 gx2 is almost like having 2 7900 gtx's so I would consider it an upgrade. My second 7950 gx2 is brand new and still in the box. Quad sli just sucks too much right now and I heran it may never happen?? My problem is that I do not have any video signal at all. I have tried the sli jumpers in both positions. Oh well back to the drawing board.


    Thanks Guys!



  6. I had the infinite loop problem with about 8 out of 10 7900 gtx's from evga. They were bad cards. The memory was bad on them. If I downclocked the ram then they would run stable.

    Install coolbits and try downclocking the ram to something like 400-450 or so and try again. I hated my 7900 gtx's. I'm running 1 7950 gx2 now and it's way better. Good Luck!!



  7. I understand they still suck. Quad SLI seems like a pipe dream to me. IMHO. I have 2 7950 gx2's but I'm so happy with just one that the other one is still in the box.


    I find it strange that the hardware is usually out way before acceptable drivers are. For the price I paid for those cards I should have a programmer at my house making me custom drivers for my system and an expresso bar with endless triple expresso's.

  8. I went through a lot of 7900 gtx's from evga over a period of two months or so. I bought my orginal set in april, so they were quite new. I've since stepped-up both of them to 7950 gx2's and I'm currently running just one gx2 with the other one still in the box. IMHO, the performance of one gx2 is almost like having 2 7900 gtx's. It's a sweet card and it was worth the small price of the step-up. I really liked my 7900's when they were working but it was rare. I'm sure they are much better now. I'm kinda bummed about the dx10 cards coming out but I had to step-up or I would have run out of time.


    Evga cumstomer service is awesome. They really went out of their way to please me and they certainly did. Every rma was a pleasant and fast experience with cross shipping and pre paid postage.


    I'm currently drinking so I apoligize for any bad grammer and/or spelling. Hey, it's Friday night.



  9. Is DX10 really gonna be so much different. I have 2 GX2's because my step-up was gonna run out and it's much better having 2 7950 gx2's the 2 7900 gtx's. IMHO. I kinda wish I would have waited but I guess you have to jump in sometime. I'm coming from a single 6600 POS card so I find them to be pretty amazing.



  10. I love my 7950. I stepped up both of my 7900 gtx's to 7950's because it was worth it. I'm seriously considering selling my second 7950 though. Just one runs FEAR at 1600 x 1200 with everything turned up as high as it will go. I dont expect Nvidia to get their act together anytime soon as far as quad sli is concerned. F Them for offering support for quad to system builders only. We are system builders, also. I guess when you rule the GPU market then you can F over the DIY crowd. If it wasn't for us then they wouldn't sell so many high end cards I bet.


    BTW, I'm only running mine at 8X because I was too lazy to change the jumpers. It runs great anyway. I wonder just how much of a difference there is between 8x and 16x. I understand that you cant really saturate the bus anyway. Even at 8x.



  11. Not in my 91.31 drivers. In fact when I use the 'classic' view, I see no temp. reading at all. When I ran my 7900 gtx's, I didn't have this problem. On the 'new' interface I only have one temp. reading with no pull down menu to be found anywhere. Its no big deal anyway. The one reading I get is acceptable.


    Thank You



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