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  1. I used to run my sd 3700 in an abit fatal1ty an8-sli board with my ocz plat rev. 2 tcc5 ram and never had much luck oc'ing. So I bought a dfi nf4 sli-dr board and some ocz plat ee tccd ram and still had problems. So now Im running my sd 3700 in the dfi board with the plat rev 2 stuff and it seems great. Im still priming though. My question is why 'am I getting a better overclock with the pc3200 tcc5 then I'am with the pc4800 tccd? It seems like it should be the other way around. Im running the tcc5 pc3200 at 260 mhz. which is impressive. I've always read that tccd is the way to go. Strange stuff.


    I originally bought enough stuff to build one killer system but now I have enough stuff for 2. Expensive hobby, but much fun.


    Good luck everyone!



  2. I currently running my SD 3700 at 2.6ghz with 1.65V. My load temp is about 50C. It needs that voltage to be stable. The question that I have is if I removed the IHS could I possibly get a better OC? I have had it up to 1.7V at 2.7 ghz but it wasn't stable and I was getting load temps of about 53C. I dont really want to remove the IHS unless it's going to make a difference as far as my OC or my load temp. goes. I have an x2 4800 but I'm definately not brave enough to remove the IHS from that but I might try it with my 3700 SD.


    Thanks a lot!



  3. I have my SD 3700 running at 2.7ghz with 1.65V. I get a load temp of about 47C with Prime or OCCT. I just re-applied AS5 today. Is that a resonable load temp. considering the voltage and fresh AS5? Also, does anyone out there have good way of clipping the SI-120 down without the thing sliding around too much. Its a bit difficult to do.





  4. I have my HD and dvd burner on sata ports 3 and 4. I'm pretty sure that I've read somewhere that sata is not so great to use while oc'ing or is that with the older boards?


    Also, I did not reinstall the os when I switched from my abit board to the dfi board. Could that mess up my overclock?


    I just uninstalled all of the nvidia drivers and reinstalled them. I dislike having to reinstall the os.


    Thank You!


    Good Luck Everyone!


    DFI Rules!



  5. Are the nf4 and the cpu temp. readings pretty accurate in smartguardian?


    If so, then I'm running about 54C while priming my 3700 SD oc'ed to 2700mhz. with 1.65 vcore and the nf4 temp. is running about 45C.


    How much of a temp drop should I expect after I as5 the nf4 fan or should I possibly mod the fan with a large passive heatsink and a small fan to get even better temps?


    I know my abit board never seemed to report the temps. accurately and I understand that it's common for them to be off with just about any board out there.


    Thank You!


    Good Luck Everyone!


    I haven't even tried my x2-4800 in the dfi board yet. I having fun with the 3700 for now.


    Also, does the 704-2bt bios support x2?

  6. Ive had my SD 3700 for about 5 months now and it was initially in an abit board with some ocz pc3200 el plats. With that setup, I only got the 3700 up to about 2.5 stable and the ttc5 ram up to 260 mhz. So I figure that I need a new board and some faster ram. I got the new DFI board a few weeks ago with some pc4800 ocz plat. ee tccd ram. I cannot get the ram to run at it's rated speed of 300 mhz. and it seems that the SD 3700 will only run at 2.5 stable anyway. I know it's the luck of the draw with processors. I have the ram running 1:1 at 250mhz. and the sandy at 2.5 right now. It sucks to read about so many people supposedly getting 2.75 stable at stock voltage or a little higher or crazy HTT speeds of 300+ with the ram at 1:1.


    I have an x2-4800 that I haven't put in the DFI board yet. I understand that the x2 may have a better memory controller? At least I have spare parts forever. I orginally bought enough crap for 1 killer system but now have enough for 2 and a half. Expensive hobby huh?


    I guess I'm just aggravated.


    Thanks for listening.


    Good Look Everybody!



  7. I have a new sli-dr board with the orginal factory bios. I am running my 3700 SD for now but I have a x2-4800 that I want to run instead. I know that I need to update my bios for x2 support. I want to know what bios I should get? I wouldnt mind just keeping the 3700 in it for now since I like it just as much as the x2-4800. Will I need to have seperate bios for my x2 and my 3700? Also, I have ocz plat. ee pc4800 2x512 sticks of ram. Is there a tccd optimized bios also?


    It seems that there is a different bios for just about anything. Very confusing.


    Any help would be appreciated.



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