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  1. I don't even really care much anymore. My x2-4800 runs 24/7 at 2.7 ghz. Prime stable forever and my old OCZ pc-3200 plat. el. whatever tcc5 crap runs great at ddr500. I like the tcc5 better then the pc-4800 "ever so wonderful" tccd stuff. My SI-120 does OK. It seems like the x2 gets wicked hot, even with high-end air. I guess a killer water cooling rig might help.


    Good Luck Fellow OC'ers!



  2. Im using an SI-120 with a 120mm/High CFM fan and I only OC my x2.4800 up to 2.7 ghz. without overheating it. I was wondering if water would do a much better job? I bought the SI-120 because many have said it's almost like having water. Would Danger Den be a good place to get a setup?


    Thanks Guys.



  3. Hello everyone.


    I'm having a problem keeping my x2 4800 cool. Its only oc'ed to 2.6 ghz. with 1.42 v. It runs about 50C while double priming. I want to know if a good water cooling rig will really make much of a difference and allow me to oc more. Ive read that the SI-120 is almost as good a having water cooling.


    Thanks Guys!



  4. I have the same ram also and I'm currently running it at 245mhz. Thats a lot worse the my PC3200 OCZ Plat. EL Rev. 2 TCC5. When I first got my Plat. Rev. 2's I was reading that a lot of people were getting DDR 600 + out of them. Well, I got DDR 520. Not bad for PC3200 sticks. But those, ever so expensive PC4800, Guaranteed TCCD Chips that are supposed to be the Holy Grail of ram are not so great. IMHO.


    I bought the PC4800's Plats. because I wanted to run 300 plus, just like I read in sooooooo many wonderful reviews. Reviewers must have the best samples to bench.



    The TCCD do run faster then the TCC5's by a little.


    If you guys have any luck with the settings please help the rest of us. I got some settings from OCZRyder and they don't work well.


    DRAM Config for 300 mhz.







    3 or 4 here






    1560 or 1816 he say's...I say 3120

    auto --------setting not in 704-2bt bios




    level 7 or weak in 704-2bt bios

    level 2










    Also, He told me to use 704-2bt bios....So I dont know if it even makes a difference. I have a hard time choosingBIOS when they are seem to act the same for me.




    --EJM http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/newreply.p...ote=1&p=333000#





  5. Hi!


    Sorry for posting about this again but I never received an answer the first time. From what I have read on various sites, the temp. reporting on DFI boards is off. Could it possibly be 11C too high? I was Priming the other day and I saw it go up to 71C and shut down. I think the auto shutdown was also disabled in BIOS. I've read A64's will shut down at 60C but I've never actually had it happen yet.


    My other question is about PWMIC temps. With my x2 oc'ed to 2.8 ghz, my PWMIC's get up to the low 50's. I've read that they are spec'ed at 90C-100C max temp. Is this true? Some people have said it's no problem and others have, so whats the correct answer? I know the x2 will make the IC's warmer.


    Thank You for your help!



  6. Whats up guys.


    Anyway, I'm currently double Priming my x2 using two different versions of Prime 95. Version 23.8.1 and version 24.14. Will this make any difference as far as testing is concerned? I'm pretty sure that I've read somewhere that I should be running version 24.14.




    Good Day.



  7. Does anyone know which would be better with a 'naked 3700. An SI-120 or a Big Typhoon? Do I need to mod the coolers at all? Also, What about the little things that are all around the core. Do I need to cover them? Won't they get smashed by the cooler or is the core a bit higher? Should I use AS5 or Ceramique with no IHS?

    How many MM can the blade go in and not damage anything?






  8. Bios 510-2 is better huh? Is it Ok using tcc5 or tccd ram? Isn't there 3 versions of 510-2 or something? OCZ told me to use the 704-2bta bios with my tccd. I'm using my tcc5 ram right now. Plat. Rev. 2 EL v1.1


    Do you think 510-2 might get me above 2.6ghz?





  9. Ive tried what feels like every combo of voltage and multi and two kinds of really nice ram ocz plat rev 2 and ocz ee pc4800 tccd and two different kinds of mobo's, an abit fatal1ty an8-sli and dfi nf4 sli-dr. Of course, the DFI Rules!!!


    So, screw it. 2.6 ghz out of the sd 3700 with a nice mobo and ram will do. At least until I get off my lazy butt and put the x2-4800 in.



    Good Luck.


    I wanna take off the IHS off of the sd 3700 but I hear it might not make much difference. I dont want to destroy it. It's still a nice chip.



  10. Ive had this sd 3700 sd for about 5 months now and it seems that I can only get 2.6 prime stable out of it, no matter what I do to it or the ram. I just hate to give up. My question is. It it probably maxed out? I haven't seen anyone really complaining that they can only get their 3700 up to 2.6 ghz. Actually I see most people getting 2.75-2.85.


    Thanks Guys.


    At least I still have the x2 4800 in the box. I haven't tryed it in the DFI board yet. It wasn't that great in the Abit Fatal1ty board. As a matter of fact the Abit board sucked compared to the DFI board.



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