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  1. I know that the bolt through water blocks are the best but sometimes you have to work with what you have. I waited probably a year after everyone else to cut my lid off. It got me to 3 ghz. anyway. It was very easy. I have pics here. Bottom of page. http://www.flickr.com/photos/edjahman/page12/ A disposable razor is the way to go.
  2. I bought it special from the old dfi street buy/sell forum. I forget the stepping and I dont know where the lid is. Its a good one for sure. Maybe ccbbe
  3. Im running orthos and my load temps are ~52 at 3006 ghz and 1.57vcore. How is that? Yes. It is a dual core. Look it up. I cant believe the difference. Wow. --EJM
  4. Well, three dimes did the trick. When I first mounted it I thought it was tight enough but apparently not. Works great now. ~50c 2.8ghz 1.5vcore. Good enough until I can buy some real good watercooling. Thanks guys. I just wasn't thinking, obviously. --EJM
  5. Maybe some shimming might be in my future. Thanks. --EJM
  6. The waterblock for this particular device is mounted to the standard s939 mount. It seems to be making good contact with the naked 165. Im stumped.
  7. I'm using a corsair nautilus water cooling cheapo rig to cool it. It's a waterblock clipped onto a standard socket 939 plastic mount. I'm certain it's getting good contact. I dont believe it is possible for it to be stable at 100C and 60C. --EJM
  8. My opty is reporting core temps of 64/100 while running orthos and it is stable. How is this possible? I use coretemp and it reads from the diode on the chip itself so I dont understand, It freaks me out to see it that high. Thanks Guys! EJM
  9. Its has five pins. So I assume you mean plug it into the 5 pin part on the bottom of the header. Im not sure exactly how to place it. Its wire colors are as follows. red white green black black.
  10. I found the header but it's 9 pins. Whats up with that?
  11. I have a dfi lp nf4 sli-dr and i need to plug in an internal usb cable. It's a 5 pin cable marked as follows..vbus d- d+ gnd shd. I did a quick inspection of the board while it was in the case. I wasn't able to locate it. Does anyone know the location of the usb header?? Thanks --ejm
  12. Core temp reads core 1 = 53 C core 2 = 57 C Smartguardian reads 44 C-46 C These are load temps while ortho'ing! So WTF? Should the mid 40's to 50 C be my temp goal for core temp only now? I remember when smartguardian was "the norm" even though it was prone to error. I want opinions please. Thank You. --EJM
  13. Get a better psu. It is the base for a good system.
  14. Ok. I did a re-mount with ceramique and cleaned out the rad. and now my load temps are as follows..... smartguardian-----48 to 50C 100% both cores at 2.8 ghz with 1.5 vcore. core temp.---core 0 55C and core 1 52C same as above. I probably shouldnt expect much better results with the corsair unit. It's just that I want to get 3 ghz. with this 165. I cant help but wonder if I got better cooling then would it be possible?? I was just feeling really lazy when I bought the corsair unit. Does anyone know if OCZ id still going to release a phase unit?? Thanks Guys. --EJM
  15. I used as5 and its been on a long time. I was careful and i dont believe i used too much. i assume coretemp is accurate.
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