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  1. yes thats enabled... still didn't work... yea, i know in the past it does work with PS2 keyboards on my old comp.
  2. greendestiny

    Ultra X-Finity 500w

    i will speak whatever the fu**i like...this is a free country...freedom of speech, first amendment right...you learn this in grade school if you didn't go to school..... if you got a problem with that, get the fu**out of this country and go fu** a goat. here's a choice: Iran, Iraq you want to live under saddam's regime, go worship him... its the reason why we're america cuz we can say what we want. you say one wrong thing, saddam will have you beheaded.
  3. I set the BIOS to power on using keyboard and using ANY key. I also tried using hot key with ctrl + F1. But the computer just won't turn on when I hit my keys on the keyboard... this is a brand new usb keyboard(no adapter..straight usb) that I just bought from Best Buy right now. Anyways, does anyone have a clue? keyboard works great though...i'm using it now. thanks.
  4. greendestiny

    Overclocking G.Skill 3200ZX

    well how much did you pay for it?? you know its still a 'Value' Ram according to G.Skills... Its NOT a performance ram...it can do 250MHz 1:1 but for me it couldn't do 260MHz 1:1 without crashing my games.... the reason why some ppl hit decent speeds is because they got lucky...... i suggest you visit this forum.... 15 pages talking about the 2GBZX.... http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...p?t=77205&pp=25
  5. I have used up all PATA connectors but I have a NEC burner I need to connect to. I bought a IDE to SATA converter from syba and when i hooked it up to the cdrom then thru SATA port 1 or 2 or whatver, I get problems with it. Specifically, I can not boot from CDROM anymore...it will recognize in bios, but upon booting from CDROM, it will generate a general protection fault error....... it seems like the nvidia sata chipset does not like ATAPI/??? or does not know how to interface with it.... what are my options???
  6. ok, so my friend has an even more weird problem. we decided to benchmark a quake4 demo to compare framerates. i got 84fps, while my friend only got 60-67fps at 1280x1024. the very odd thing is, when he switches down to 640x480, the average framerate doesn't change! it result always ends up around 60-67fps. there are also sections of the timedemo where the framerate will drop to around 35-40fps for no apparent reason and have this massive lag attack, and these occur (about 3-4 times i think) at the same times during the demo, these happen at BOTH resolutions. he formatted to xp sp1 just to be sure, and it has the same issue, then took off the overclocked settings and tried again, all with basically the same results. sisoft cpu benchmarks gave similar results for both of us (mine was slightly higher of course). 3dmark05 he got ~7400 which implies the video card is fine. so it seems like it's down to the ram or the mobo... he's thinking about just returning the mobo. any ideas?!?
  7. Okay, both my friend and I built a new system. The thing is, we have both the same procesor and the same video card. When we aquamark benchmarked it, we got completely different scores off by 20,000. So my score are: GFX: 16,374 CPU: 11,811. TOTAL: 96,707 His score was: GFX: 12744 CPU: 10388 TOTAL: 78987 Our 3dmark2005 score was SIMILAR: 7450-7510 ...give or take a few tens of points..... Our FEAR game benchmark scores were reasonably identical as well... So here's my question, WHY IS HIS GFX NUMBER SO LOW?? AND HIS TOTAL IS OFF BY ALMOST 20K difference??? Okay, the differences...he's overclocked to 2.5Ghz, I'm overclocked to 2.6Ghz. I got 2GB of RAM. He's got only 1GB of RAM. I got windows xp, he's got windows 2000. Other than that, thats about it that i could think would impact performance. now, we're wondering....COULD IT POSSIBLY BE HIS OPERATING SYSTEM??? He's RUNNING WINDOWS 2000 SP4. Here's our SPECS: My system: AMD X2-3800 Dual Core overclocked @ 2.6GHz (260x10) 1.55V VCORE 9/10 RAM DIVIDER @ 236MHz FSB G.SKILLZ 2GBZX 2x1GB RAM @ 2.5-3-2-5 DFI Ultra-D LanParty uT (623-3 BIOS) eVGA 7800GT CO (470MHz/1100MHz) MODEL 256-N516-P2 (same video card as friend) Windows XP SP1 32-bit his system: AMD X2-3800 Dual Core overclocked to 2.5GHz (250x10 FSB) @ 1.36VCORE RAM divider at 5/6 totaling 208Mhz DRAM FSB Corsair Value Select 2x512MB @ 2.5-3-3-8 timings eVGA 7800GT (470MHz/1100MHz) 256-N516-P2 (same exact video card) Asus A8N-SLI (regular motherboard) Windows 2000 SP4 My guess was the operating system..... I also don't think me having an extra 1GB of ram...jacks up my score by 20K points.... altho i COuld be wrong???? ANYONE WANNA TAKE A GUESS OR KNOW WHATS WRONG??? THANKS!!!!!!
  8. greendestiny

    X2 4400+ CPU MAX 2.5GHz???

    I got my X2-3800 Stable prime/pi , 3dmark and game stable at : 2.6GHz with 1.550V Vcore. Water cooled...idle is 30C ...high load is 40C(both cores at max usage). FSB 260MHz MUlti= 10X Ram is 2GBZX on a 180 divider running at 236MHz with 2.5-3-2-5 1T timings... has been running for a week now...I can do 2.7GHz but prime95 will fail on core0. i am very happy so far..my cpu is faster than a X2 4800 =) and I got it for a sweet butt deal at Fry's during thanksgiving! Lets just say I paid $240 for it....
  9. greendestiny

    Ultra X-Finity 500w

    The power supply is GREAT..don't listen to lowboy, he don't know .. I'm using it in my rig, and the flexforce cables are nice. If you haven't noticed, NVIDIA even proudly supports this company's power supply....by giving away free gifts when you buy an Ultra psu and nvidia.... i'm not sure, but you will have to go to www.nvidia.com and see. I'm using the x-finity 500watt generation 2, in my dfi-ultra-d rig and its been perfect....the psu is super silent....and the cables are really nice like i said. and the price was awesome! $69.99 but I think they can still be had for cheaper. also, they come with a LIFETIME warranty!
  10. greendestiny

    hard drives & raid - benchmark and compare!

    Can someone please explain my first benchmark why there is a sudden dip at 16K and 32K??? Setup is as follows: First benchmark(atto1): RAID 0 - 2 x 300GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 16MB Buffer IDE Primary Master/Secondary Master) Second benchmark(atto2): RAID 1 - 2 x 300GB Seagate Baracuda 7200.8 8MB Buffer IDE (Primary Slave/Secondary Slave)
  11. I've seen some threads online about the HD corruption when using NVRAID, but does anyone know if it's only specific to SATA, it seems everyone with these problems uses SATA (not necessarily because its SATA only, but just SATA is more popular) Just wonder if anyone has any more insight on this? I'd like to redo my RAID1, which is already on a RAID card, but because of the limited PCI slots it's gonna be VERY hard to impossible for me to fit it into the bottom of the case. Although a random google thread mentions its only like a couple bytes per couple GB, it's still worrisome just that it corrupts at all. They also said it corrupted on both single and RAIDed drives. Thanks
  12. I am using raid0+1 and my devices under controller shows NVIDIA PATA Controller... does that mean that it is uses Nvidia's IDE SW drivers? Because I made sure that I did not install the Nvidia IDE SW driver during the Nvidia 6.70 package install.... so therefore, does the sata raid driver floppy disk from DFI already contains some pata/sata drivers for the controller and thus installs default Nvidia IDE SW drivers ? because thats what I used during the beginning of the Windows XP install... this is for Windows XP 32-bit. thanks
  13. How can I disable the lanparty uT splash screen when you first boot up the computer? i want to be able to see the bios screen where it shows the drives detected and bios version.......... thanks
  14. how do I change this default?!?!? thanks!!
  15. just put together this system right now, no bios updates! can't even post! all I hear is one long beep (about 2 seconds...then nothing, then 1 diagnostic led) Okay specs are: AMD X2 3800+ Dual Core DFI Ultra-D uT LanParty 2x1GB G.SKILLz 2GBZX and 2x300 Seagates in master/slave. and THE KICKER IS THIS>..i'm using a 4MB Trident VGA PCI card and also tried using a older ATI Rage 3D Pro PCI card... it won't let me boot! i see the led's counting 4, 3, 2, 1, and it stays at 1 then makes a 2 second beep and i see nothing on the screen! help!