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  1. Thanks Metamaverick, Just got home so I can now have a go at trying to solve it, I've downloaded the latest BIOS so that's my first job. Do hope this board will be ok, I want the X1900XT crossfire setup next.
  2. I can't get any USB ports working on my mobo at all!! I've just about given up with it. Boots ok no probs everytime, I've done everything that's been posted on this site but they still won't work.
  3. Have a look on the ASUS site, they have just released an ATI RDX200 board and I'm sure it's got the 1575 SB, reports apparently are very good.
  4. I'm also having problems, the USB controllers really suck, I would definitely try disabling the USB mouse in the bios. The only way I could get the OS installed was to borrow a PS2 keyboard and mouse, and forget about the ATI raid controller, I could only get the OS installed with the Sil 3114. The bios is seriously flawed and DFI need to get their act together and quickly. I think just about everybody who posts on this forum has experienced the 4 LED hang and then the single LED, a reboot seems to fix this and allows the OS to load. This is not good and shouldn't be acceptable. I'm sure DFI know about the problems this board has and it is definitely in their interest to fix it. It's just the time it takes!!!!!!!!!
  5. Thanks, I'll try it. Only thing is I'm not able to work on it, bought the sodding thing just before work called and all I had time for was to get really p*!!ed off with it. I was close to smashing it to bits!!! When I get home I'll try it.
  6. Thanks for that I'll give it a try, my USB support has been enabled all the time
  7. Are you installing windows using a USB keyboard? I couldn't get mine to load so I tried a PS2 and it loaded no probs.
  8. Thanks for the replys, I don't want to change the board as I was waiting for the 1800 master to come out so I can run crossfire. Will DFI take this board and exchange it like for like or do they test it and return it if they can't find anything wrong? To the guy who can't load windows, are you by chance using a USB keyboard? I have been and couldn't get windows to load so I plugged in a PS2 and it loaded without any problems. Only thing is it's not my keyboard and when you have a decent USB keyboard why the devil should I have to buy a PS2 just so I can use this board. USB support is terrible!!!!!
  9. Hi everyone, First post, first DFI, first major problem, could be my last DFI!!!!!!! Looks like I've been suffering like everyone else; loading windows was a pain but eventually got there after using the 3114 raid controller. The ATI just does not work. Anyway, has anybody had any problems with USB devices; on loading windows my USB mouse moves like its running in treacle and my USB keyboard has about a second delay on the keystroke. I haven't touched the keyboard rate in the BIOS, its all default. The keyboard was fine in the BIOS and even if I boot to DOS but will not work properly in windows. Have any of you guys got any ideas at all about this. Frustration is building rapidly and this expensive piece of PCB might just end up in the back yard!!!!! Any reply would be welcome even if you just tell me to burn it.
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