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  1. in my case i did it just cause my rig had all the potential i could ask for a decent overclock and i didnt want to waste it for nothing. cause ur kinda right in this case. i only play CS 1.6 and this game requires a 100fps stable to play it on a high level. my rig could provide that easily even when it was running on stock settings. thats why i stopped with my oc too cause i dont need more for now.

  2. if u only use the superPI test its not enough. use OCCT and prime95 after every fsb change to make sure u can move on to the next stage. it took me about a week or so to get to where i am now from stock settings. at 1st i also rushed and failed so dont make the same mistake i did and take ur time

  3. I'd get a better PSU first, too. Thermaltake has a record of making bling blang, high on looks and low on performance crap. There is the occasional exception, but especially considering it doesn't meet DFI's requirements, I'd replace the PSU before running the voltage up on everything.




    thats the PSU i got. i was told that its good actually. u sure thats the 1?

  4. My hardware can be found in my sig.

    Another night of prime went well with 18 hours of stable testing. here is where i stand now:


    CPU 245x11 @ 1.50v x 110%

    RAM 1:1 @ 3.3v and 2-2-2-5

    Temps: 34C idle 46-47C load


    i think ill stop here now and wait till i get some active cooling for the rams b4 i proceed as i still havent reached my goal of 255 fsb.

  5. after another stable night of prime95 i decided to push it a little harder. so far my pc is rock stable at 240x11 and 1.52v


    today i decided to push a little more and increased the fsb to 245 with the same settings. superpi passed and my pc froze during the occt test. i increased the voltage to 1.6 but then when i finally managed to pass the occt test this is what i saw:



    are those jumps ok? should i increase the voltage a bit more to make it stable?


    the temps are 37/47 at idle/load right now so i still got some room to maneuver

  6. blowing in. i think i might be able to explain it, u see in a conventional HS the fan blows directly on the HS base, applying more air pressure on the heat source and thus spreading the heat. if u will reverse the fan it will suck the air from the surrounding including sides and the amount of the heat it will suck off the base will be nothing compared to when the fan is actually blowing on the HS base. there are heatsinks which allow 2 fans setup 1 blowing and 1 sucking, usually they also involve heatpipes. in this case a single sucking fan can work almost as well as a blowing one but i still dont think it would be as good as the "traditional" setup

  7. im still tweaking it and if it wont go right ill go a little back but for now heres the question:


    if the HTT/LDT is too high, can it cause instability problems? the thing is i left it at 5 all the time so basically i had a bus speed of 2400 when i hit the 250 and ive been having constant problems with OCCT for no particular reason. now i put it at 4. will that solve the problem?


    another thing i wanted to ask. can i run other programs while running an OCCT or a prime95 test?

  8. heys guys i finally got my rig ready for an oc. heres what i got:

    dfi ut lp ultra-d nf4

    amd athlon 64 3500

    geil one ddr400 bh


    for cooling i got zalman 9500.

    right now at stock speed my temps are 31C idle and 38C load. it might be a little high so ill change the thermal paste to AS5 later on to drop a few degrees.


    i wanted to start off straight with fsb 250 cause thats what my ram should be capable of but i heard somewhere that such thing will require me to boost my ram voltage and for that ill have to switch jumpers on the mobo. is this true or can i try and oc it with stock voltage?


    any other tips will be appreciated

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