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  1. Hi. I've read through a bunch of threads and I've learned so far that I need to set my CPC to 2 (disable) and the memory can go no faster than 333MHz with my Opteron 165. Unfortunately, the BIOS and Vista(x64) are only seeing 3gb with 4gb installed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! RESOLVED!! I found out that I had to enable the Memory Hole for PCI MMIO option in the Advanced Chipset Features Menu of the BIOS
  2. Hi !! I need some help installing a drive. I've used up my SATA ports 1-4 for drives and now I'd like to add a 5th drive. I've tried plugging it into the SATA port 5 and I don't see where I can enable that port in the BIOS. Some one had mentioned that I can only use 5-8 in a RAID config. Is this true. If so, does anyone know how I could set up those ports so I can add this single new drive? It's a 320GB SATA drive. Please help. Thanks. -hartigan
  3. I guess my question would be, then, WHY would they put two completely unique LAN chipsets on the board. I know variety is the spice of life but, this just seems pointless unless someone can point out a practical reason for this. I'm questioning this purely out of curiosity not, criticism. -hartigan
  4. I only double posted so I could provide my signature now.
  5. Could anyone explain the difference between my Marvell LAN Port and my Vitesse LAN Port? Are there any advantages or disadvantages to one or the other? Thank you very much for your help. -hartigan
  6. 'bout 20 seconds of searching http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...56&postcount=70
  7. thanks for the feedback I appreciate it. off to read some of those recommended sites G-dog
  8. Just wondering if anyone has come across the PSUs that have the 8-pin (not 4-pin) 12V connector. I found the OCZ Powerstream, but I was wondering if there were others. It's hard to find any spec sheets that specifically list it. THX
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